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A Complete Guide To Get The Best Selling Shapewear of The Year

We’ll show you which products change the fashion and health industry, take notes and don’t miss the chance of getting one of these products on your wishlist, cause girl, it’s a must to have them and a life changing hack

7 Days of CYSM Body Shapers For A Daily Happiness Boost

And you might be thinking how can you add shapewear to every outfit or every occasion without getting tired, we’ll there’s a shaper for every mood and occasion, and that’s why we are here for. I’ll be giving you the perfect examples of shaper that I add to my outfits thru the week
Beauty & Health

Achieve The Perfect Butt lift Using Colombian Shapewear

There are many ways to sculpt your glutes, and we are going to show you are favorite butt lifter shapewear, what results can you expect from them, and show you how to style it
Beauty & Health


Here are our recommendations on what features to look for when choosing the best shapewear for slimming

Best Father’s Day Gifts To Show Your Appreciation

When we think of a real-life hero, the first thing that pops into our head it’s “DAD” that’s why he deserves more than a last-minute gift. We share with you the best father’s day gift ideas that are going to show dad how much you care and appreciate everything he does for the family

How To Find The Best Body Shaper For You

From your body style, compression level to the ocassion we guide you on how to choose best! If you want to start adding shapewear on your daily basis, let us help you find the best one, so you can start enjoying the benefits of feeling beautiful, confident, and most importantly super comfy with your shaper piece. 

Your Spring-Summer Shapewear Must-haves Guide

Summer trends tend to have a body-hugging silhouette style, here’s when shapewear comes to the rescue! We’ve made a selection of the Spring/Summer shapewear must-haves.

The Difference Between Shorts, Pantie & A Thong Body Shaper

Every type of cut has its porpuse, knowing this information will help you to figure out which shaper is the most convenient for what you are looking for.