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Your Spring-Summer Shapewear Must-haves Guide

FashionBest body shapers for a slimmer body to become a confident woman

With the cold days coming to an end, the heated days start raising. We are saying see you soon to our chunky but cozy sweaters and saying hello to our favorite summer dresses. However, we all know that summer clothes are not as comfortable as winter, why? Winter trends are forgiving, we can hide under oversized jackets and summer trends tend to have a body-hugging silhouette tight styles, here’s when shapewear comes to the rescue!  

There are different styles of shapewear to make you feel fresh even on the hottest days. No matter what you are wearing, you will forget you have a compression garment on. With Spring rising you’ll need some shapewear basics to help you feel as confident as possible, We’ve made a selection of the Spring/Summer shapewear you need to have in your wardrobe in order to make it through the season.

Camisole Shaper

Tank tops are perfect for the hot days of the year, you can march them with your favorite skirt, jeans or pants. In the summer everything is usually more fitted at the top. That’s when our light-weight Ultraflex 2 in 1 Smooth Curve Definition Slip comes to action, it will instantly flatten your abdomen and enhance your breast without you even noticing, because of its smooth and soft feel.

Another of our favorites for the summer to achieve a smooth and slim shape without having to wear a full shapewear piece it’s our Ultra Compression Corset. This will make every tight dress look spectacular on you and instantly redefine your figure because it’s premium materials with firm compression, also this shaper has Bio-technology that with keeping you fresh during the day.

Waist cinchers

If you are wearing a strapless dress or simply you don’t feel like wearing a full-body shaper, a cincher to give you an hourglass figure it’s what you need. With its focused compression on the waist area, our Double Control Waist Cincher will give you a high-control to instantly look slimmer, also you can choose the compression level you feel most comfortable with.  

Shaper Shorts

Every hot day is perfect for shaper shorts, especially in the summer these garments become second underwear to us, a total must-have for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. You can wear shaper shorts with every outfit of the season. If you are looking for a Seamless Shaper that will remain invisible under any type of clothing and with a second-skin fit, we recommend giving our Abdominal Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts a try, even though they have the word “thermal” as a title thanks to its cooling effect you’ll feel fresh and comfortable the whole day. A wardrobe life changer!

Mid Thigh-Body Shaper

If you want full-body coverage when wearing a tight bodycon dress a mid-thigh body shaper will help you achieve your silhouette goals, flattering your curves, to help you walk comfortably while wearing your favorite spring/summer outfit. Check out our customer favorite Firm Control Bodysuit with Buttlift, cooling effect and 3 rows of adjustment so you can choose the compression you are most comfortable with while enjoying its body ultra contouring benefits.

All of our Spring/Summer picks come in breathable material to keep you cool and fresh through the hottest days of the season. Now you are ready to look slimmer and feel confident with the outfit you decide to wear. Make our compression garments part of your wardrobe and enjoy the beautiful days these seasons have to offer!

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