We know shapewear is great for helping your posture, achieving your shaping goals, lift targeted areas, and even create a totally different silhouette. And what most people are interested in achieving with shapewear: slimming your figure. 

Slimming your figure goes way beyond confidence, looking healthy, looking good for a special occasion, or feeling powerful, which feels pretty good but what’s most important is the health benefits that come with losing a couple of pounds, including: 

  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular problems and metabolic diseases
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol, triglycerides and accumulated visceral fat
  • You’ll have much more energy and responsiveness
  • And much more health & energy benefits

If your goal is achieving a slimmer figure, being more healthy or both, it’s important to know what shapewear to look for so you can get the best results out of your compression garments. 

Here are our recommendations on what features to look for when choosing the best shapewear for slimming:


If our goal is to get a complete slimming body result it’s important to make sure that you’re selecting a shaper designed to work on the area you want to shape the most. We love a shaper who has targeted compression, this means that it slims the areas we usually want to apply compression, like the tummy, waist, thighs, and enhance the booty, your breasts, and even mold your legs. 

Think of the results you want to achieve, and look for the perfect design to give you those specific results. 

Our favorites when it comes to targeted compression and providing slimming results it’s our: Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper because of its thermal layer it will help stimulate the calorie burning process of the section where the thermal action it’s applied, giving you incredible weight loss results. 


A shaper with higher compression will obviously make you look instantly slimmer, keeping you motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While garments with less compression are ideal to use for longer times, and can totally give you long term results. Both of them are great, just keep in mind the occasion and purpose of your shaper. 

You can find higher compression in waist cinchers, medical garments, and our premium shapewear collection all of these designed to instantly trim a couple of inches of your body. 

When looking for good compression, but a little more flexible and good for long hours wear,  we recommend our Seamless Shapewear Line, these shapers are designed with targeted compression that will help you achieve your body goals. Check out our blog: How to find the best body shaper for you. Here we share all the details on compression levels and how to choose according to your body shape. 


We find ourselves often looking for a compression garment that will get rid of the famous muffin top or a pooch, all of these problematic areas that somehow make us feel a little insecure at times. 

A waist trainer in our opinion that will definitely do the complete work for you. It instantly will slim your waist 1-3 inches and get rid of the problematic areas of the abdomen, its design instantly gives an hourglass shape to your body. 

We have tree costumer favorites that will achieve your slimming goals: 

Slimming Thermal  Waist Cincher -  Perfect to achieve faster weight loss results! With ultra compression and an external latex band that by its thermal action burns fat and toxins which then it’s absorbed in its cotton layer, you’ll star seen results within 2 weeks. 

Double Control Waist Cincher - Even tough this cincher has high-control it’s super comfortable for daily use, wearing this shaper constantly will re-shape your silhouette into a beautiful and symmetrical figure, plus its structural rods give your body the support he needs. 

Ultra Compression Corset - Because of its adjustable and comfortable straps gives you the extra support no waist cincher gives. Designed with premium materials to instantly transform your figure, while taking care of your health.


With the right shaping garment, you can dramatically slim your thighs and hips making you look much more stylized and taller. 

Shapers with this purpose are designed to give your bottoms a toned look, while enhancing what it needs to be enhanced like your glute, creating a feminine curve in your hips and at the same time.  

When it comes to showing a slimmer bottom, with a perfectly peachy butt and well-molded legs are the Adjustable Firm Control Ultra Flex Waist Shaper it’s what you need! This shaper will work with over control compression over your thighs, hips, and booty, plus its high waist design flattens your abdomen. gut

When it comes to slimming your body and shapewear there are many options, remember to keep in mind which section you need to work on the most and what kind of compression you can take on. Now you know which shapers can help you show a slimmer body. 

July 6, 2020
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