High waisted jeans are a characteristic fashion statement of our era, we see them everywhere and a few things are more frustrating than trying a cute pair of jeans and feeling uncomfortable with your belly bump showing or trying to tuck in a shirt that just won’t cooperate. 

This might be one of the reasons why we have been relying so much on the latest women’s favorite clothing piece: the bodysuit. 

The bodysuit has been one of the most bought clothing pieces in the past months, also we’ve seen multiple celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez showing us how versatile and figure contouring these garments are.  

What is the purpose of the CYSM Apparel bodysuit? 

Obviously wearing a bodysuit will keep you tucked in without having to worry about becoming untucked and the blouse material bunching. The bodysuit will stay tucked in and offer a seamless look. And because body enhancement is our specialty, we incorporate high-quality compression design to our garments.  

Benefits we can’t resist

Seamless fabric: Design with our seamless technology to stay smooth and invisible under any type of outfit.

Instant slimmer & smooth look: It controls and smooths your figure because of its abdomen focused compression and hourglass effect that stylize the waist area.

Comfy for everyday use: the CYSM Apparel is designed with light and breathable fabric that gives you freedom of movement and takes care of your skin’s health.   

Enhance your curves: besides slimming your tummy, the cut on every bodysuit has an instant but lift effect to accentuate your feminine curves.

Confidence booster: It’s something on its design or because they’re body-hugging, bodysuits have the effect to make us feel all sexy and empowered. Style it with your favorite jeans, glam up and you are ready to take on the world! 

Versatile: You can make of one bodysuit multiple outfits, style it with different clothing pieces and different seasons. 

We absolutely love the smooth and slimming effect the CYSM apparel control line has and we want you to feel the same way. That’s why we’ve categorized our favorite seamless bodysuits into a body style guide, so you can find the bodysuit that fits you the most. 

Tall and Slim Figure: Long Sleeves Bodysuit

Long sleeve bodysuit will accentuate and stylize your elegant figure, when it comes to colors bright colors are for you girl, get a white bodysuit, do a monochromatic look, play with your creativity! 

Petite Figure: Super Tight and Enhancement Bodysuit

A super tight bodysuit with a neckline will look great on you plus the breast enhancement that will give to your body a feminine touch

Hourglass Figure: Focused Neckline Bodysuit

If you’ve already got a cinched waist, take advantage of it. A sexy bodysuit with a V neckline will define the smallest part of your body and highlight your curves. 

Pear Shape: Astonishing Details Bodysuit 

Make the details part of your outfit, get a bodysuit blouse with details on the neckline or shoulders to balance your figure!

Big Breast: Square Neck Bodysuit

A super tight bodysuit with a square neck will support your breasts and stylize your figure.

At CYSM we’ve got lots of styles for every occasion mixed with our characteristic body remodeling designs that will make you feel confident everywhere you go. Bodysuits are here to stay, you’ll see them on every outfit it could be casual or elegant, it is the most versatile and trendy piece of the year, a must-have on every women’s closet. 

April 20, 2020

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