If you are here it’s because you may want to become your better version, learn how to love yourself, and might be wondering what our shapers can do to help you achieve your body goals.

You are in the right place! In this blog we talk about everything that will lead you to self-love, with that said, let’s get to know our brand and what our shapewear can do for you:


Our products are designed and manufactured in our plants in Colombia, where each piece goes through strict quality control, which it’s what will help achieve better results. Our designs are made to give you a perfect fit, regardless of your size or body type, making your shaper feel like a second skin.


You will fall in love with our details! The Spacer Technology incorporated in our shapers has a comfortable shoulders feature, offering different levels of compression as you wish, for your comfort and safety. We incorporate the most innovative technology, fabrics, and concepts into our products, always keeping your safety and satisfaction as a priority.

By wearing a CYSM Shaper you will feel comfortable, confident, and sexy every day, without sacrificing your health. We believe that beauty is a reflection of your strength, independence and the courage to be yourself.

Also, the materials incorporated in this shapewear it’s a big part on the benefits we’ve been talking about:  

We love a good challenge! Our in-house manufacturing allows us to push the needs & desires of our clients to the top of our list of priorities when designing our different product lines with different solutions


The best thing about this collection is that the fabric fits invisibly against the skin, going unnoticed under any type of outfit. It’s designed with targeted compression that applies light control over the areas you want to enhance and a higher compression into the areas you want to control.


The ultra-flex line it’s the perfect balance between support and great flexibility. The Ultra Flex collection is a perfect choice when looking for a concealed solution in achieving an extra smooth curve definition giving you superior freedom of movement, making your shaper feel like a second skin.


Our high-quality garments are recognized by world-renowned cosmetic surgeons because of its premium results. This shapewear line will help you redefine the curves of your body! Our garments use performance-fabrics and carefully engineered designs to help you achieve an extensive list of body-makeover results helping you achieve an instant figure transformation. 


Ultra Sweat & Compression collection is designed to help you push your fitness limits like never before, in order to get fast and incredible fat-loss and body-transforming results while preventing injuries and post-workout fatigue!

There’s a lot behind our company, we design and manufacture our products with love, always putting your health as our priority. Get the shapewear that will enhance your confidence and remember to #ShapeYourLife

June 22, 2020

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