Waist training has been one of the trendiest ways to reshape and wear shapewear of the past years, and we are not talking waist training only when you are breaking a sweat on the gym, we been seeing all of our customers, favorite celebs, and women around the world wear their favorite Colombian waist cinchers to complement their clothing pieces and give them a major before and after waist slimming result. 

CYSM Colombian waist trainers are one of the most figure transforming compression garments, they will slim your body up to two sizes instantly, and if you wear them the right way you can start seeing body molding results in weeks! And that’s what we are here for, we want to guide you on how to get better use of your waist trainer, and share with you our cysm shapers top waist trainers based on our customers ’ reviews! 

First, let’s break down every waist cincher question you might have, and let us introduce you to what a Colombian waist trainer is, and what you can expect from our cinchers. 

Do waist trainers work? 

A waist trainer is a compression garment made to be worn around the midsection of your body, and because of its thick compressive fabric, boning structure, and hooks for more compression, it will give you a sleeker and smaller waist even more than your regular body shaper.

Benefits you can get from waist training: 

With our cysm waist trainers, you will get amazing before and after body contouring and slimming results. To be specific, you’ll experience multiple benefits from waist training, benefits like: 

Shape an Hour Glass Figure

An instant body transformation benefit you’ll see from the moment you start wearing a cysm waist trainer, you’ll be impressed with how feminine your whole silhouette looks by yous adding a was trainer as an undergarment for your clothing pieces. 

Help Your Weight Loss Plan

Let’s be clear, waist training will not be the only piece of the puzzle for a weight loss result, when mixing a healthy diet, exercising, and drinking water waist training is a plus to get faster body contouring results. Make it part of your healthy habits and help your sweat a little extra to mold your waist and help flatten your tummy. 

Back Support

Wearing a waist trainer will correct your posture instantly, because of the compression applied on the back, and the structural rods that will shape your back to the posture it should be. Wear it for a couple of hours to train and encourage good posture.

Our Fabrics

We manufacture 100% of our products in our factory based in Colombia, from fabrics to every hook on the waist trainers. This, so we can make sure you are getting the comfort and control you are looking for. 

Designed with great breathability material for a fresh feeling, inner latex band for thermal action to increase your midsection sweating thanks to the natural latex band, ergonomic spiral steel rods, 4-way stretch fabric for body shaping effect will not compromise your comfort, and 3 hooks for you to adjust the compression level of your preference.

To start seeing amazing before and after waist slimming results you need to be dedicated, constant, persevering, and of course, match your waist training use with a healthy diet. It takes weeks of wearing a waist trainer for 8-10 hours a day for it to start making a difference and start seeing amazing waist slimming results. 

And, last but not least we’ve made a Best 5 Colombian waist concerts based on our best-reviewed CYSM waist trainers so you can start waist training like a pro:






If you are looking to get amazing body contouring results a waist trainer is a key to achieving your body before and after dreams! Waist training will give you that feminine look we all want, giving you a slimmer waist and highlighting your curves because of it. Check out our waist trainer collection and shop our high-quality Colombian waist trainers.

June 19, 2021
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