Fashion changed a lot from how fast everything changed in the world. We went from waking up, glamming up, and getting ready to go to our workspace every day, to waking up, working out at home, putting on your favorite set of pants, and working from home. Which changed a lot in the fashion world, but now we are on to a new year, new trends, new ways to see fashion and that have us super excited. 

Just like every year, we like to analyze the trends that we’ll be seeing through the year, and see which shaper piece will enhance your look with each piece so you’ll feel more confident, beautiful, and empowered with every trendy fashion statement of the year. 

So, let’s start with the fashion trends of 2021 and which shaper piece you should match with them to enhance your look:

Trench Coats + Full Body Shaper

Your regular trench coat is super trendy now, but make it a statement piece. We’ll be seeing these classic coats but with a twist, on bright colors, dramatic prints, bold belts to make it the piece that pulls an outfit together. 

When wearing these big sized clothing pieces, what we want to do with a shaper is slim your whole body, so you don’t look too oversized, and also trim some inches on your waist so it has that cinched, curvy look. Get the Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper to give your body that full-body compression, to slim and smooth your curves.

Oversized Button Downs Shirts + Compression Bodysuit

Yes, to wear your “husband’s shirt” “boyfriend’s shirt” or “dad’s shirt” is a trend now! Wear an XXL button-down and be ready to hop on the fashion world. Wear it as a dress, an oversized shirt with leggings, or as a two-piece outfit. 

To perfectly match this trend, we have the Thermal Body Shaper With Wide Straps to smooth and lift your curves, this shaper will lift your butt and breast giving this XXL look a feminine touch. 

Sporty Gear + Compression Fit Leggings

If the past year taught us something is that is all about being comfortable and healthy. Windbreakers, pants suits, and all of the athleisure trend are going to stay, just with a little pop of color, be bold and start wearing bright colors. 

At CYSM, we have the Thermal Ultra Compression and Abdomen Control Fit Legging in the color green, grey and dark red to perfectly match this sporty trend. Plus because of their compressive features, they will instantly lift and shape your glutes, flatten your abdomen, and tone your legs, they’re just amazing!

Belts + Waist Cincher

Girl, just cinch it! This trend is all about giving the body a shape through belts. Big, minimal, colorful, or heavy metals belts are coming back this year, make them part of your outfit. 

And as we know belts will help you shape your waist, giving your body a beautiful silhouette, and to give an extra slimmer and cinched waist make waist trainers part of the outfit. The Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher with daily wear comfort is perfect to support the upper part of your body and instantly trim your waist.

Big Jeans + Contouring Capri

We wore sweatpants 24/7 for a year, but we can’t live off them forever, we have to put on denim pants and hop on the world again. That’s why the big denim jeans are the best of both worlds, they are super comfortable and cool. Don’t be scare to try them. 

The Seamless Abdomen Contouring Capri, will smooth your curves and enhance your best assets to give your bottoms a slimmer and great silhouette, great to enhance your curves whenever you wear an oversized denim jean.

These are some of the most important 2021 fashion trends, and the perfect shaper match for each one of them to enhance your body and create the curves you want whenever you wear them. Remember the most important on fashion is feeling good with your style, yourself, and enjoying it. That’s when an outfit combo really shines! Get the shaper that fits your style the most and #ShapeYourLife.
February 1, 2021

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