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It’s that time of the year, the holiday season is here! This is our favorite time of the year, although this year’s festivities will probably be different maybe not being able to go to full of our loved one’s parties and daily get-togethers, a girl who says you can look cute and dress up, right? Do it for yourself, do it for fun, doesn’t matter if you are at home!

So if you are all in for dressing up for the holidays no matter the plan, we got lots of stylish ideas for you, from fancy tight red dress a classic for the holidays or from a pajama-style set, we got you covered. Get inspired, glow up even if you are just having a zoom or small holiday party, a girl no one can stop you from looking beautiful. Here we have 10 holidays party outfit ideas:

Winter Wonderland White Look

An all-white outfit for the holidays never gets old, it is chic, stylish, and super trendy, wear a winter white outfit to get in the mood. 
MATCH WITH: 1585 full body shaper in nude color, this compression garment is perfect to keep you comfy, but at the same time smoothing all of your body making your outfit look super clean and slim fit!


What’s a holiday party without a sparkly dress outfit, bright dress right? If you wanna go for the full holiday mood, a shimmery sequin dress is what you need. Pair with simple accessories for a much elegant look. 

MATCH WITH: 435 Braless Bodysuit, because of its high compression this shaper will keep you all pulled together, instantly slimmer, and mold an instant feminine silhouette, just what we are looking for when dressing up, plus it is summer comfy.


A fun jumpsuit in this cheery red shade is made to wear for a festive occasion. Wear some cute booties and earrings to complete it. 
MATCH WITH: a full-body shaper! Get the 393 Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper


A matching set automatically makes every ensemble look better; plus, it makes putting an outfit together SO much easier. Throw on these coordinating pleated pieces for an effortless yet chic get up. 

MATCH WITH: With a midsection and bottom compression control, get the 1520 Seamless Abdomen Control Capri, this will mold your bottoms and slim your abdomen instantly making your set look clean and well fitted to your body. Plus, its seamless fabric will remain invisible and keep you comfy and cozy all night long.


A classic for the holidays, the sexy tight red dress that will never get old. If you are going for a bolder and sexier look this is definitely for you. Get minimal sandals and accessories to make it look super chic and classy. 

MATCH WITH: the 259 Thigh & Tummy Control Full Body Shaper, is perfect for this kind of dress when you’re showing leverage because of its strapless y under breast design. And thanks to its premium quality you’ll look instantly slimmer and curvy under your tight dress.


Wide leg pants are one of the biggest trends of the year and making them part of your outfit will stand out no matter what you wear them with. You can make it casual, formal, or comfy, go with the style you’re feeling for the day. 

MATCH WITH: One of the greatest benefits of wide-leg pants is that it balances your figure, giving your silhouette a slimmer look, we recommend the 1331 Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher, to focus control and slim your even section, enhancing your outfit and body features!


Make that perfect mix between modern, and fancy! Besides, you will never get tired of dancing because sneakers are just super comfy and trendy nowadays.

MATCH WITH: If you are in a mood to look good but feel comfy, then you should match this outfit with the 1504 Seamless Thermal Shorts, which are great for smoothing your figure, making you feel secure and comfortable all day long.


Leather is already trending and will continue to be everywhere this season. Take these pants and pair them with a sweater to make a bold outfit because of the leather and cozy at the same time.

MATCH WITH: Get an extra layer for the cold days with the 1520 - SEAMLESS ABDOMEN CONTOURING CAPRI, that will keep you warm, comfy and give targeted compression to your body, it is awesome for the cold days that come with the Holidays.

Now you are all ready to celebrate all glam, no matter the plans you have for the holidays, the thing is to enjoy them and most importantly feel good. And dressing up is always a way to show self-love so why not glam up to be at home with your loved ones, or a small family gathering via zoom or whatever, you’ll be the fashionista of the festivities! Happy Holidays, celebrate your loved ones & their health! Much love - CYSM TEAM.

December 13, 2021

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