There’s a clothing item every woman could wear all seasons long, and that’s a good pair of leggings. No matter what, one piece of leggings is never enough, it is the easiest clothing item to style, you can throw in an oversized sweater, boots and ready to go. Or you can use them as your regular loungewear legging or start your active lifestyle and hit a good workout with them.

In order to do all of these activities, you’ll need a cute pair, and what better style than butt lifting leggings. Compressive, body-enhancing leggings might be the best hack you have, to achieve a rounded peachy butt without even the need to hit the gym.

That’s when CYSM leggings come to action, to give you a lifted booty in seconds, and enhance your confidence no matter the situation. They are designed with shaper compression to mold your figure and flatten your abdomen, give your gluteus an instant, and give a toned look to your legs.

Today we are sharing the top 3 leggings all our customers love:

Designed with the seamless fabric on our shapewear, is the perfect legging for daily wear because of its comfort and great to bring support to the midsection of the abdomen flattening and molding your curves.

#HowToWear match this legging with your favorite knit sweater, add a pair of boots, and if you want to feel extra fancy, add a trench coat that will give you that fashionista look you're looking for.

We can't resist a sporty look, more when athleisure is a big trend, and what better way to wear lifting leggings than with a pair that will provide a beautiful shape to your butt, with tons of lift squats not required. The trick lies in its contour stitching that seemingly whips your booty in shape, that's the secret of every celebrity you see looking all contoured while going to a coffee run.

The CYSM Fit Leggings are available in different colors: grey, red, and green. These are the most comfortable and muscle supportive leggings you can find, helping you improve your workout performance while keeping you with freedom of movement, and breathability.

Wondering how you can pull off a sexy butt-focused outfit without doing squats every single waking hour? The 937 Fashion Leggings are the butt-defining miracle workers that can make it happen instantly and effortlessly.

● The strategic seams and bidirectional stretch fabric have an extremely noticeable butt push-up effect!

● Pair them with a glam top, or let them be the centerpiece of your look. Compliments guaranteed either way!

The greatest to keep you warm, comfy, and smooth through your days, a customer favorite for butt enhancing that will not only mold your body instantly but take care of your skin, and make your lounge day the most comfortable possible.

#HowToWear the seamless abdomen control butt lifter leggings, throw on a large hoodie, cozy socks and get ready to hop on the best home office outfit you'll ever have. With a super plus, a beautiful booty shaper that will lift everyone's confidence!

THE ONLY ONE FIT LEGGING WITH INTERNAL CONTROL PANTY AND INVISIBLE SEAMS, they are great to incorporate on you daily life, for sports and running activities.

Meet the benefits:  Extreme flexibility to perform any kind of sports, High waist control that offers more support, Muscle support that maximizes workout hours.

work wonders on any body type by toning and reshaping problem-areas, such as love-handles and unaesthetic bulges.

● The compressive, yet very comfortable and soft, fabric allows the leggings to smoothen your hips and legs, while the high-rise waistband controls your midsection.

● These leggings have the flexibility and freedom of movement necessary during a workout at the gym, but they also have the wow-factor needed to complete a very sexy outfit! ¡

Include the most comfortable leggings on the market, remember that one pair of compression leggings is never enough, once you've tried its multiple figure-enhancing benefits you'll never shop regular leggings again, these buttt lift garments are great yoga pants, workout leggings, great for tummy control, with shaper compression fabric.
Get your favorite leggings and show that beautiful figure of yours proudly. Shop cysm shaper leggings for a life changing pair of pants.

January 25, 2021
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