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The Difference Between Shorts, Pantie & A Thong Body Shaper

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Just like there’s a different dressing code for every occasion, the same rule applies to the cut of your undergarment. In our case, there’s a shaper for every body type, outfit, and occasion. We have established that the compression garment you wear after cosmetic surgery is going to be different than the one you wear for a daily basis, or the shaper you wear to give that extra sweat to your cardio routine, the same rule applies to its cut.

Every type of cut has its benefits and porpuses. Knowing this information will help you make smarter decisions when shopping for shapewear, as well as helping out to figure out which shaper is the most convenient for what you are looking for.

We show you the differences between a shorts body shaper and it’s benefits, a brief (panty) and a thong body shaper so you can choose wisely.


Inspired by men’s boxers, boyshorts are known by its lower leg holes, it’s the perfect balance between panties & shorts, making it super comfortable. Shaping shorts are usually a good choice when you’re seeking to avoid a visible panty line under any clothing garment and to have a lot more coverage around the backside and thighs.

#CYSMTIP: Because it’s contouring, booty enhancement and boyshorts coverage this cut goes perfectly when using skirts and short dresses. This type of cut usually goes well with a pear body shape.

If this is the fit you’re looking for, check out the Tummy Control Body Shaper In Boyshorts a CYSM’s best seller. You’ll enjoy its firm control, premium materials, and multiple benefits, like:
- It will instantly flatten your abdomen
- Enhance your booty
- Mold your hips
- Protect your tighs from chafing
- Support your back
- And enhance your breast

Mid-thigh Short

If you are a thick tights girl, this is the shaper for you. It’s cut is one of the most comfortable ones. Provides more control than a regular panty cut and will prevent your skin from chafing. Because of the compression applied on your upper leg, it helps to make your thighs slimmer, giving you a sensual curve.

You could use this style with almost everything, but short skirts and shorts because the shaper might show. We love the curve it provides when wearing high-waisted jeans, midi skirts look beautiful with this type of shapewear and even to show off your curves on a fancy night out with a tight long dress.

If this fit suits your preference, check out the Legs and Tummy Control Body Shaper, the compression level of this garment gives you superior control over all problem areas by following the body’s natural curves and eliminating unaesthetic imperfections, the benefits you’ll enjoy will be:
- Instant hip & leg molding
- You’ll visibly notice how your booty looks enhanced
- Flattens abdomen
- Flat zipper for using with tight clothes
- Perfect fit and an anti-slip silicone band for your comfort

Classic Panty: Brief Cut

One of the most popular undergarment cuts because of its comfort, versatile and perfect coverage to support and enhance your gluteus. When wearing shapewear with this type of cut, avoid skin-tight garments like bodycon dresses or pencil skirts because that could put your panty line on display.

Bodysuits with this cut are a must because you can wear them with almost every clothing piece you’ve got, making every day the perfect day to wear your shapewear. This type of cut goes best with an apple, pear, and rectangle body shape, make the most of it!

If you’re looking for a versatile compression garment to wear everywhere, check out the Ultra Flex Abdomen Control Body Shaper , it offers top-quality shapewear that hits the sweet spot between improved flexibility, adequate support, and ultra-lightweight design, giving an unrestricted range of motion. Some of the benefits you’ll on this garment are:
- Soft and smooth feel
- You’ll enjoy Instant figure contouring
- Comfy because of its Ultra-lightweight design
- Flattens abdomen thanks to its firm control
- Booty enhancement
- Breast enhancement & support

Thong Cut

Since this style is the one that has the least amount of coverage on your backside, they’re the best choice when wearing skin-tight bodycon dresses, pencil skirts or leggings because it eliminates the concern of the panty line ruining the outfit. Wear this type of cut when you want to feel extra sexy and rock a super tight outfit. This cut goes well with apple, hourglass, and pear body types, use it at your convenience!

If a thong shaper is what suits you the most, check out the Strapless Ultra Compression Body Shaper to feel sexy every day at every step. This garment will hold its shape, sculpt your curves and smooth desired lines while remaining comfortable and safe to wear it in extended periods of time. You’ll enjoy its comfortable material and multiple benefits, like:
- Remains invisible to the naked eye
- Comfortable thong fit
- With cooling effect that facilitates optimal physical performance
- It flattens your abdomen, making you look slimmer

Every shapewear cut style has its own set of advantages, now you can identify which one suits your lifestyle the most, making shopping easier for you. In addition to considering comfort, you’ll also want to consider the level of coverage and type of rising you’ll need for the particular outfit you’re wearing, or for what you want your shapewear for. Fortunately, there’s a shapewear cut style for every mood, body type, and occasion.

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