If you’ve been looking for a magic wand that will make you look great in any outfit you try on, you just found it: you need a body shaper. But how exactly do you choose the right one when you’ve never wear compression garments before? 

You need a shapewear style that is comfortable, lets you breathe, and still does the work. At CYSM we have the Seamless Shapewear Line, which is perfect if this is you are shapewear first-timer. 

Seamless shapewear has the perfect fit for everyday use, so you can start shaping everywhere you go and start training your body to body compression. Meet some of the key benefits behind the technology in our shapewear for beginners:


You’ll enjoy 100% all of the typical body shaping effects such as targeted compression, but what makes it different is that it gives you much more freedom of movement and skin breathability. 


There’s a good chance that you’ll often forget you even have a shapewear piece on, this because of its light fabric and its perfect curve-hugging fit. 


It offers the right amount of control over the areas you want to take care of, leaving you with smooth and well defined curves. 


You’ll never feel like it is too much or that you just can’t breathe. The technology in the seamless fabric provides efficient ventilation that gives you the freedom of movement you are looking for.  

There are so much work and quality materials behind the seamless technology, Learn More about it, and more of the benefits you’ll be enjoying here…

So, now that we’ve established the type of shapewear that will work best for you as your very first shapewear piece, let’s follow this guide with the best tips on how to choose the right shapewear:


Looking for a killer lifted booty? Or completely hide the famous chub rub! Whatever reason you have to think about why you are getting a shaper piece so you can get the shapewear piece design to cover your specific needs. 

Looking to flatten your tummy? 

The Seamless Strapless Thermal Full Body Shaper will do the work! With invisible compression and a thermal layer on the abdominal are you’ll say goodby to belly rolls. 

Looking for booty and tights control?  

If your goal with shaper is to enhance your bottom assets to keep your tights controlled, lift your booty and smooth your feminine curves, here is our recommendation for you: 

The Seamless Abdomen Contouring Capri is for you! It’s targeted compression will control and smooth the areas you’ll like to tuck in and enhance de areas you want to give a lift to. 

Looking for a full-body transformation? 

If you want to smooth your full silhouette, we recommend a full bodysuit.

The Seamless Targeted Compression Slimming Thermal Bodysuit will smooth your curves completely, making you feel more confident and more comfortable than ever! 


If you are wondering what makes your shapewear rest perfectly in your body? Simple, puck the right size! If you pick the wrong shapewear size you will feel uncomfortable, like shaping is not for you and even not get the results you are looking for. 

Before getting your first shaper, take time to go to our “find my fit” app that will guide you to choose the right fit for you. And if you still feel like need more help you can chat, call or email one of our shapewear experts so they can help you with any doubt you have! 

Shapewear is one of the secrets behind changing your perspective on yourself, learning little by little to love who you are, and accepting your flaws. Now our first-timer secret is revealed, choose the Seamless Shapewear that fits your lifestyle and necessities the most, you’ll never let shapewear go after this! Good luck!  

June 8, 2020

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