Having a belly fat and having an hourglass figure can be a bit difficult at times, as it can affect our confidence and self-esteem by not being able to wear the clothes we love. Using a special shaper to reduce that area is an option that will help you soften and slim the abdomen instantly and if combined with healthy habits and exercise, the results can be truly amazing!

We know that girdles sculpt the abdomen immediately, but do they really reduce belly fat? A good CYSM shaper can help you reduce sizes of course if it is accompanied by a balanced diet and physical activity, the girdle can be used during the day at work, in your daily activities and even to exercise, make sure it is comfortable for you.

There are different types of girdles that can help you reduce your stomach depending on your daily habits, here are some of our customer favorites shapers that helped their belly journey:


If what you want is to show off an enviable figure and a small waist, these two compression garment options are perfect for you! For long, form-fitting dresses, what you need is our High Control Mid-Thigh Bodysuit, which will provide superior control to your body, removing unsightly blemishes and giving your body a slimmer look. Another essential premium garment when using long dresses or a tight garment is our Firm Control Bodysuit with Butt-lift that completely shapes your figure thanks to the great amount of pressure it provides in the abdomen and waist without sacrificing your comfort.


If you are looking for comfort and flexibility while planning to do your activities for long hours, looking naturally slim at the same time, our seamless shapewear is for you! Our Seamless Thermal Action Weight Loss Hourglass Bodysuit is a customer favorite for social events, dates and important events as you can wear it with a long maxi or midi dress. If what you are looking for is a more versatile shaper, we recommend the Seamless Thermal Abdomen Focused Body Shaper as it is perfect for any occasion as well as giving you comfortable control, a cooling effect and the invisible fabric it has. Great to wear under any tight garment!


Thermal shapers are one of the best-selling sculpt garments for women, as they stimulate perspiration around the waist and help accelerate size reduction. Our thermal shapers are lightweight, give you mobility and compression to stay healthy without sacrificing your comfort, you can use them for the use that suits you best, it could be for exercise, to support your weight loss journey or daily use or to keep you warm on a cold day.

If you are looking to accelerate the results of your gym routine, the Slimming Thermal Waist Cincher is one of our favorite ultra-compression cinchers, perfect for your daily training session. It has an external latex band that, due to its thermal action, burns fat and toxins that are then absorbed into its cotton layer. or if you are looking to burn fat and take care of your posture during your exercises, the Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher will help you to have a correct posture and reduce the risks of back injuries.

Meet our Favorites

Now you are ready to achieve that figure you want so much! At this moment we have a special offer to our amazing #SelfLoveCommunity so you can get your favorite girdles to contour the abdomen and help show off enviable curves! Get a 10% discount + free shipping and give yourself the girdle that best helps you achieve your body goals (USE PROMO CODE: SELFLOVE & you are all set ;)). With that said, we hope this scoop from a truly lovely cysm customer was helpful and we wish you a great day!

August 2, 2021
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