Embracing motherhood is a life-changing experience. Once you become a mom, you are no longer on your priority list. Because of mother’s day weekend, we are embracing all our beautiful moms and showing them how much we appreciate their hard work and inspire us. Fun fact, the past year there were thousands of brand new, first-time mothers. 

We welcome you to motherhood! It is one of the best experiences in a life full of sweet newborn snuggles and beautiful days, we wish it wouldn’t end, and of course, let’s embrace the harder moments when we need to hide in the bathroom for a minute just to regain my sanity... With that comes a brand new chapter, learn to embrace everything that goes along with becoming a mom. 

We had the opportunity to talk to one of our beautiful cysm shaper customers, she shared with us her experience as a new mother, how shaper helped her during and after pregnancy, and all postpartum and partum shaper experience and hacks she learned along the way:

Meet Our New Mom, Part Of The CYSM Community:

My name is Mariela, I am 26 years old and I currently work for a retail brand, which, due to the pandemic, has led us to work from home for more than a year now, which has its challenges and specially It has changed me in many ways. One of the most outstanding changes is the fact that I became a mother 6 months ago! That’s right, I am a new mom to a little boy that has taken most of my time, love, attention and let’s get real, of my energy as well haha, just being real with you fellow moms. 

Currently everything revolves around my baby. My partner and I have implemented new routines to adapt to the constant changes and needs of our child, in order to maintain a healthy routine, both for us and for the baby. Fortunately, due to the home office, I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time with my baby and have him with me even at meetings, which I value a lot! In other circumstances, I would have to say goodbye to him from 8AM and see him again until 8PM, can’t imagine leaving him for that long.

What helped you prepare for pregnancy?

One of the things that helped me the most to prepare for this new stage was to remodel my baby's room and add to my amazon cart all the unpredictable things a baby needs; like diapers, wet towels, bottles, and a world of things I didn't know existed... Even though you are never fully prepared until you love the experience. For example, breastfeeding! I also thought a lot about myself, on how to find a way to feel comfortable and confident with myself after childbirth, so I got a couple of cysm shapers.

Something for which you definitely cannot prepare for is for the multi body changes, before, during and after pregnancy. I was super curious and gotta admit, concern about how my body was going to look with all of these changes.

How’s Life After Birth?

Just after 3 days of delivering my baby I started to wear my body shaper. The first time I used it, it took me 20 minutes to put it on, I had never used any body shaping garment, and obviously if you are a newbie, like me, it is  going to be hard the first time, but it will get easier and more important and what i loved the most about cysm is that wi helped me to feel comfortable and with freedom of movement.

It is clear that I did not have the same size I had before I got pregnant, so I started wearing my body shaper for small periods of time, first for two hours, the next day 3 hours, then 4 hours, and by the fourth day, it was already much easier to put it on, take it off and last longer using it. Super easy to adjust and comfortable experience gotta admit. 

Specially the shaper that helped me the most was a full body shaper, that gave my back the support I needed, it felt safe and comfortable, and because of its high abdominal compression I gradually saw how my belly was slimming and getting back to normal. 

Of course I was lucky, because I did not have complications after delivery. In addition, I was very careful with my diet. I think this combination of a cysm body shaper and a healthy diet has been very positive and helped me to recover my body from before I got pregnant faster than I thought.

Any Tips For Our New Moms In Our Community?

The best tip that I can offer if you are a first time wearing a shaping garment, is: do not despair, be patient, your body is not the same and it takes time to get used to, but with time it becomes your best ally.

After pregnancy, shaping garments became a statement in my closet, I don’t wear a compression girdle daily, but when I feel like I need to enhance my body’s curves or lift my confidence, I can use it all day without problem, also when I exercise, it helps to keep me fit and comfortable It also helps me with back pain, thanks to the its high support.

I was surprised at how useful and comfortable a good body shaper can be. What I like the most about the cysm body shapers is that they are seamless, you can’t see them under your clothing pieces. In my case it was not difficult to adapt to them thanks to the good quality of their fabric, they are well made, and the materials are health focused. I can definitely recommend the cysm body shapers for all pregnant women (because there are also clothes to wear during pregnancy, believe me you need that support) and those who have just had their baby, a good pump and a good girdle is a must!

Meet our New Mom Favorite CYSM Shapers:

Braless Compression Bodysuit

Tummy control Body Shaper

Arms and Abdomen Body Shaper

Wow, you hear it here! We love seeing how a cysm body shaper is helping you to shape your life! We want to thank and congratulate beautiful new mom Mariela, on her new life chapter! We want to let you know that a body shaper is not only for weight loss it will help you support your muscles, and get your body back to its natural figure gradually!
Treat yourself with your very first  mother’s day gift that will help you achieve your body goals. With that said we hope this inside scoop from a true cysm lovely customer was useful, and wish you the best this mother’s day weekend. Happy Mother’s Day, Xo.

May 3, 2021

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