That’s a question we ask ourselves often,

especially when it isn’t exactly a new trend, but this fashion statement keeps coming back season after season. When it comes to looking stylish, this trend is always a life saver. The one thing you need is a pair of jeans that compliment your figure and our CYSM Jeans are here to help you with this part of the job.

We know wearing an all denim outfit can be a little confusing, and we want to help you  avoid that fashion fate of looking outdated giving you the easiest styling tips for you to make the most of your jeans and wear a denim on denim look confidently.

A perfect way to start embracing this look is to mix your denim washes if wearing an all blue denim outfit seems frightening, adding a black denim piece will make you feel more comfortable and make you look modern.


#CYSMTIP We recommend using a  pair of black denim jeans and pairing it with a light blue denim jacket for a vintage and casual style, this is a look that works on every type of body from petite to curvy and plus sizes, wear it with confidence!


Look cute wearing a jean skirt and a denim jacket. You can make this look casual by using your favorite pair of boots or sneakers, with simple accessories or you can make a more formal look by wearing a pair of high heels and a more outstanding set of accessories.When it comes to using this two denim pieces is important for you to use a simple t-shirt a shirt with more details may be to much. Go for a more simple aesthetic for a perfect outfit complement.


Get yourself a denim suit, wear it with your favorite skinny push-up jeans and wear it for a day at work. Instead of the usual pantsuit you can use an oversized denim suit, worn with your favorite skinny ankle jeans in a similar shade for an on-trend monochromatic look, mix it with delicate accessories and a simple pair of high heels, a chic and empowering look perfect for all our powerful women.


If wearing classic blue denim doesn’t go with you, don’t worry. Black denim is here to save us all and make us feel as comfortable as possible. Take a pair of black denim jeans and wear it with a black denim jacket. You can make it simple or stylish by wearing different styles of shoes, blouses and accessories, the good thing of an all black look is that it goes with everything, make the most of it!


January 17, 2020

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