Because of its reputation when you hear “shapewear” you probably think about the super tight and not that comfortable undergarment you use when you have a special event. Many women think shapewear is not for everyday use, because “it is not comfortable enough to wear” on an everyday basis. But girl, we are here to set the record straight: that is a false statement! 

It is possible to wear shapewear every day, it is beneficial and also it could the most comfortable experience, you will even forget you are wearing a compression garment. How? Keep reading… 

At CYSM Shapers we have multiple daily use styles with breathable fabric and moderate compression designed to avoid skin irritation or the fit becoming uncomfortable. These products can be worn for a moderate amount of time daily, with no negative effects. 

You’ll see so many benefits by adding our shapewear to your daily routine. Whether it is to smooth your curves under a tight dress or to improve your posture. Below we talk about the many benefits that wearing our shapewear daily.


Wearing shapewear while having a healthy diet or engaging in exercise is the perfect accessory to help you lose a couple of sizes faster and also mold your curves as desired. Some of our everyday wear shapewear comes with a thermal layer to target fat-loss and help you lose weight faster. Check out our:  Seamless Thermal Abdomen Focused Body Shaper. 


Our Seamless Line has a comfortable fit that gives you freedom of movement, cooling effect, a smooth surface, and excellent control to target the areas you want to smooth remaining super comfortable to wear and best of all, invisible under every outfit.


Regardless of the occasion shapewear is made to cover every kind of necessity. We have different styles of shapers and different kinds of compressions for everyone. Because of the fabric and skincare benefits, you can wear these compression garments every day feeling comfortable and secure. 

  1. Reduce Back Pain 

Because of the compression applied on the back of your body, it will help you correct your posture and as a consequence reduce back pain. If your job requires being on for hours, we highly recommend our Posture Correcting Ultra Flex Slimming Slip that will make you feel more comfortable and productive every day. 

  1.  Slim your figure

Wearing your shaper constantly will contour your body into a more proportionate figure, smooth your curves and slim your waist. helping you achieve the smooth curves you desire, helping you feel more comfortable and confident every day. 

#CYSMTIP Before buying your new comfortable shapewear pice, check out the wear instructions or the package on your garment to make sure your shaper it’s designed for everyday use.

6. Flexibility & unrestricted range of motion

Our Ultra-flex line is designed with a 4-way stretch microfiber that will give you the freedom of movement and ultra lightweight design to make you feel smooth, contoured and comfortable at every moment. 

Including shapewear on your daily basis will make you look and feel fabulous. Remember to make sure the garment you are getting is designed for daily use, so you’ll be able to feel totally comfortable with it. Get ready to feel confident in every outfit, pretty and sexy every day with the help of our daily use shapewear. 


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March 30, 2020
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