One of the most common questions that comes from our beautiful customer’s is “How do I take care of my cysm body shaper?” and yes, in fact shapewear care is a must! The right shapewear care will help your shapers resistant and compression last longer.

And because of that specific concern we focus on choosing the most high quality fabrics and best property materials for our shapers, and you can feel the difference from the first wear. The difference between a regular shaper and a CYSM one is that:
- They allow airflow through its structure
- Recovers its shape after manipulation and it doesn't lose thickness
- Creates a microclimate due to the space formed inside, allowing the moisture to be transported to the outside
- It doesn’t deform with frequent washing

However, ​​You can extend the life of your garments, & maintain their original shape; by following our garment care recommendations, which are based on our Shapewear industry-insight.

How to wash your shapewear?

First of all, a very common question, can I wash my shapewear? Of Course you can!

The secret to a long lasting and easy garment care is to keep it simple, always wash you shapewear on gentle cycle, like you do for delicate clothing and cashmere. There are 3 easy shapewear washing tips you need to follow:
-    Hand wash you garment separately if you can! That will make a huge difference on keeping its fabric as if you’ve never wore the piece before.
-    If you are using the washing machine, wash the garment in cold water (MAX 30°C – 85 F)
-    When it comes to soap always use Delicate focused soap.

Many of our product lines use Bio Therapy Technology, which offers a coating of active-ingredient filled microcapsules, which gradually release an antibacterial & skin-rejuvenating blend just by being in contact with your skin.

This is the main reason why handwashing using a delicate soap is recommended. By following these shapewear washing tips, you are extending the garment’s ability to make you feel fresh, cool & protected with each and every wear.

Can Shapewear go in the dryer?

Avoid dryers at all cost! Every shaper pro has to know that dryers and body shapers are not friends, and most clothing to be honest. Make sure you air dry you body shaper to preserve is regular form, elasticity and compression.

Shapewear Care Musts:

You can have a body shaper that last a lot longer without losing its original shape believe me. To maintain you cysm shaper here are some pro-care must you have to know:

- Avoid spot washing, it can unevenly loosen the fabric, which might negatively impact the perfect compression and contouring that the garments are meant to create.

- Avoid direct contact with nails, rings and others sharp objects, try to be extra careful when manipulating you body shaper to avoid tearing the fabric. It is known on the compression industry that a tear, no matter how small can damage the overall compression level the garment has to offer.

#CYSMPROTIP for this situations, if you have long nails don’t worry! Our hack is to always handle garments using your fingertips, just like you would do whenever you put medias on.

- Also, to remove excess water, do not twist!

- If you don’t have delicate clothes detergent, don’t worry you can use regular baby shampoo as well and it does wonders, plus it makes your garment smells super good.

If you can follow these simple steps to compression garment care, your shapewear pieces are going to last a lot longer from now on, also maintain their original shape and keep providing amazing and high quality compression. It is just about treating your shaper like you treat your delicate clothes or delicate underwear, and you’ll have a body shaper for life!

August 16, 2021

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