We’re sure you’ve already browsed through the winter look books posted by your favorite fashionistas. But, let’s face it! Those outfit ideas rarely come at a reasonable price, especially when you’re aiming for a fashion style that’s cold weather-friendly. Instagram is chock-full of gorgeous get-ups that would give you the chills on a freezing cold winter morning, on your way to work. Use the helpful clothing styling tips, but ditch the hard drawn rules of fall/winter fashion!

We’ve put together the general guidelines of a sexy, trendy and cozy winter wardrobe. These tips will help you easily put together countless sweater-weather outfits, without making you compromise on warmth, comfort or your unique take on fashion.


Enjoy all the coziness of an oversized sweater while wearing a glam-casual jumper dress!

Stretchy, smooth & form-fitting dresses make for some very versatile tops, whether you choose to mix them with a pair of tights, leggings or knee-high boots.

TIP: Sweater dresses tend to have a dangerously tight fit, when it comes to small imperfections. Tuck in any extra inches with a Seamless Shaper, & double-up on warmth by choosing a Thermal Seamless Body Shaper!


Fashion trends are ever-changing, but autumn get-ups in earthy warm colors are always on trend; so you don’t have to rehash your wardrobe from top to bottom! Having warm-toned tops separated from other miscellaneous cold-weather clothing, will help you put together trendy get-ups quicker, even on mornings when you’re running late.

TIP: Pair any on-trend top with a pair of Thermal Fit Leggings! Whether you’re going for an athletic vibe, or want to emphasize your curves without feeling cold in tights, these versatile leggings will give your legs & waistline! a slim & toned look, with a comfy warm feel as a bonus.


Winter outfits are all about layers! But we all know there’s a slippery slope between chic streetwear and a bulky fashion-mess. Layers can make it easy for you to hit the sweet spot between function (staying warm!) & style.

TIP: We suggest you put function (& comfort) first by wearing a Lightweight Thermal Body Shaper as the base of any outfit this season! A breathable remodeling garment that has a second-skin fit will give you the freedom to skip the layers that are meant to camouflage your body’s problem areas.This extra touch of silhouette-control will also encourage you to go for bolder layering pieces, like: cashmere sweaters, tissue-thin long-sleeve tops or knit sweater-dresses.


Denim bottoms are a great option year-round! This makes them top-choices for winter fashion, which is usually pretty restrictive when it comes to meeting both comfort standards & styling trends.
It’s no a surprise that we all have a favorite pair of skinny jeans! No matter the season, a denim that make your butt look round & firm are must-haves.

TIP: Browse our collection of Push-Up Jeans & find a pair of butt-lifting denims to add fun & glamour to any winter outfit, whether you’re going for a business-sharp look, or a flirty-casual date-night get-up!


With just a few key pieces available, you can start off every morning knowing exactly what to wear to get a business-smart look. The winter workwear basics that you can play around with are: a few versatile turtlenecks in earthy tones, a midi pencil skirt (leather or denim for a sensual edge), a chic neutral trench coat & a few pairs of statement-piece slingback pumps (for days when boots just don’t do it for you!).

TIP: If you’re working a desk-job, or spend the entire day on your feet, take the extra mile for comfort & warmth by taking advantage of the benefits of wearing a Thermal Body Shaper with Back Support features! Wide shoulder straps, crisscross back-control bands & lower-back compression; all working wonders on relieving back strain & preventing back pain.


Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s & every seasonal party in-between! There are so many opportunities to experiment with your winter fashion choices; and just as many chances that you end up freezing your butt off, for the sake of the perfect outfit. Aim to have a thermal body shaper on hand that you can wear strapless, or open-bust with your favorite push-up bra, & that you can confidently rock with any skin-tight dress!

Stay warm while going trick-or-treating to indoor & outdoor parties, without having to cover up your awesome costume with an extra jacket, by wearing a Slimming Thermal Bodysuit! Defined curves, fewer inches around the waistline & a cozy smooth feel against the skin are the benefits you’re signing up for.

TIP: Stay on top of your fashion game by adding a pair of Thermal Butt-lifting Shaper Shorts to your party-outfit arsenal. Perfect for cocktail & Bodycon dresses! They also make wearing unforgiving fabrics such as velvet or leather a lot more manageable, since they flatten the tummy & minimize the waistline.

Now you know how to stay a fashionista without compromising your look or silhouette. Whether you are wearing a short dress with a puffer coat or layering with a chunky sweater there’s nothing that a thermal body shaper can’t fix. Be prepared this winter and get your compression garments together!

November 1, 2019

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