Here is the expert guide you were looking for, on finding, incorporating, and making the most of your body shaper. Yes, and if you are new to body control or have been wearing our either original Colombian shapers for a long time, this blog post is for you.

Picking the right shapewear becomes easy when you know which shapewear you like the most, the purpose of each style, and how they will fit your lifestyle with its amazing body-slimming benefits without making you feel uncomfortable.

Also, because of body control’s impact on the fashion industry nowadays we see multiple styles, brands, colors, and designs. This can also make it a little confusing to you, on how to incorporate shapewear into your life. That’s why we’ve, pulled together the ultimate guide to how to wear our best shapewear styles to different situations of daily life:


We’ve made a body shaper collection that works best when you are looking on wearing your garment for long hours, without feeling all adjusted. Our seamless collection will flatten what you want to control, and enhance the areas you’d like to highlight, because of its seamless fabric it is super comfortable, lightweight, and invisible under any clothing style.

Great for a day at the office when you want to feel secure and snatched! Here are our top seamless for your day at the office:

A. Seamless Thermal Action Weight Loss Hourglass Bodysuit
B. Abdomen Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts


Yas Hunny, who doesn’t want to look extra snatched for a date or a night out with friends. We know that feeling of looking all glamorous and beautiful, and with the right shapewear, you’ll feel like the queen you are through the whole night.

For extra special occasions, we need extra compression (without sacrificing your comfort, obviously) Get our premium shapers, with high compression, to instantly slim your body and highlight your curves while taking care of your skin and comfort. Here are some of our favorite premium styles for you to wear on a night out:

A. Legs and Tummy Control Full Body Shaper
B. Braless Compression Bodysuit
C.Trim & Support Body Minimizer


There is a lot of controversy on the topic, whether if weight loss shapers will or will not help your journey, and the answer is; yes, it can be super useful but it’s not a magic trick. It doesn’t mean that by just wearing your shapewear you will lose weight.

What does it mean then? With a great, healthy diet, water, and exercise what shapers will do are that they will help your body slim down to a beautiful shape, giving you the curves you’ve always desire helping you achieve your body goals along with a healthy diet.

A. Slimming Compression Latex Body
B. Compression Latex Waist Cincher
C. Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper

Read our weight blog, to know more about how to incorporate shapewear into your new healthy lifestyle here


A thermal compression girdle or a waist trainer will always be your workout best buddy! If you work out, add a thermal body shaper to help boost your fitness body goals.

Thermal shapewear will help you sweat 3 times more than usual, mold your figure, and support your muscles giving you the best gym results of your life:

A. High-Performance Thermal Body Suit
B. Slimming Thermal Waist Cincher
C. Sport Thermal Waist Cincher


And last but not least, how to incorporate shapewear when you are at home. Must would say, why would I like to do that if I’m in the comfort of my house, we’ll shapewear has multiple health benefits, it’s not only to make you look fabulous. In these moments you can wear a body shaper with back support and posture correction, these will teach your body how to place your back correctly helping reduce back pain as a consequence.

Also, if you are looking to mold your figure, for example, slim your waist. Wearing a waist trainer a couple of hours a day will mold your waist little by little. Here are our faves for a stay at home day:

A. Ultra Compression Corset
B. Double Control Waist Cincher

And, there’s more! But here are most of the most common scenarios, and how can you incorporate body shapers into every single one of them. Learn more about you, which shapewear fits your daily lifestyle the most, the necessities and shaper benefits you are looking for!

September 6, 2021

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