As kids, it was all about the full-sized Halloween candy (yum!); but as adults, it’s all about getting those Instagram-worthy memories with your friends & family! In a world where our health’s benefit is recommended to keep a distance from people, who said you can’t make a little stay at home party with your family, roommates, or parter and invite some friends via zoom, right?

No need to go trick-or-treating if your home becomes the place you want to party. You can create your own spooky world of fun by following this checklist of Halloween essentials!

If you feel like a full-blown event is a bit overwhelming, just remember that it’s for you and the people you live with, no pressure, it’s all about making Halloween special. Here are some ideas you can play around with, for an awesome Spooky Halloween party:


If you feel like staying in your pj’s well that’s okay! A killer Halloween makeup game is all that you gonna need for your stay in trick or treat; given all the beauty-gurus on Youtube & the crazy tutorials available online.

If you feel up for it, grab some black and white face paint & a pair of colored contact lenses and turn yourself into a classic skull.

For a milder-approach, practice drawing some sexy cartoon lips & go for a comic-con look; or put on a rainbow wig, paired with a glow-in-the-dark horn & a dewy makeup to turn yourself into an adorable unicorn!


If you are pulling an adult stay at home party, well girl you better get a sexy Halloween costume! A sexy killer-witch costume is guaranteed to be a big hit every Halloween, push the sexy-vibe over the limit with The Thermal Abdomen Focused Body Shaper, and balance the scale between looking super-hot & super-frightening with this body that will make you not look super curvy but make you feel so confident with your skin.

Another awesome Halloween costume is the fierce Wonder-Woman look! To get her gorgeous figure, pair your red & blue costume with an abdomen-flattening waist-trainer.

If you’re not the type to get dressed up for Halloween, but you don’t want to miss out on the fun, choose a masquerade-approach using a shop-bought mask, temporary tattoos, or even photo-booth props. For this minimalist take on a Halloween costume.

We have some awesome custom ideas for you on our Halloween sale, see how hot you can look with these awesome ideas, check our halloween sale here!


For a chic take on throwing a spooky-glam Halloween party, go for a black & white theme!

Cutlery, serving plates, napkins, you name it! You can find them all on a frugal budget, & the results are impressive because you can create an Addams Family-atmosphere with little effort, and reuse these classy purchases for other parties all year-long.


Even if you’re not a Master Chef, you can easily hack your way into some Halloween-themed delicious food, with just a bit of wit.

Create your own candy bar by getting some food-safe Skull-shaped silicone molds, and creep your guests-out with some delicious white chocolate skulls!
And if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area available, a campfire will help you easily satisfy the Halloween sweet-tooth with spooky S’ mores, using marshmallows & Halloween gummy candy.

For little to no prep work on the food front, put together a “graveyard taco dip” bowl, with just a few R.I.P. crackers on top of a store-bought dip!

You are ready to throw a “Members of your house exclusive Halloween party” Make a zoom party with your friends and family if you want to go big! and have an amazing time, while enjoying spooky food, your Halloween decoration, and of course you looking flawless and sexy thanks to your body shaper that will define every curve in your body.  
Happy Halloween!! Enjoy the day, XO. <3

October 25, 2020

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