Did you know there’s another way to lift your butt in seconds without the need for injections or fat transfer? We want you to feel confident no matter what and love how you look in everything that you wear. 

There are many ways to sculpt your glutes, and we are going to show you are favorite butt lifter shapewear, what results can you expect from them, and show you how to style it!

Let’s talk about which butt-lifting body shapers will give you that lift and figure you are looking for, these are our favorites for an instant butt lift:

Butt-Lifting & Bottoms Control Effect

This is a basic garment you must have! Why? Because if you already are wearing butt lifting gear, you might as well wear ones that mold your hips and legs. We recommend wearing them when wearing trousers, high waisted skirts, high waisted jeans, or mid dresses,  because of the hourglass figure these shapers will help to create.

Butt-Lifting Bodysuits

Our specialty, most of our shapewear has the benefit of creating an instant booty enhance while adding or smoothing your hip dimension. The good thing about a bodysuit is that you can benefit from much more than just glutes and hip definition. With this style of compression garments, you can sculpt your figure completely.  They provide the whole package, which we love!

Butt-lifting bodysuits are perfect for every type of outfit, just consider the occasion you need it for. If it is for everyday use, to support your workout performance or for a special fancy party, you can see all of our butt-lifting shapers collection here, and see which one works best for you.

One of our favorites, The Seamless Thermal Action Weight Loss Hourglass Bodysuit has absolutely everything that you are looking for on a body shaper. Its seamless fabric rests perfectly against your skin, creating an amazing molding effect, plus its full-body sculpting compression benefit, that at the end it reflects on how your bottoms and booty shows, and it’s amazing!

Check out our top 3, favorite butt lifting bodysuits:

Butt Lifting Shorts

A must-have, for sure, and one of our personal favorites. You can wear it as underwear if you want and it molds your bottoms beautifully, plus helping to flatten the abdomen.
You can use them under shorts, skirts, dresses and now that high-waisted jeans are super trendy, you can wear your shaping shorts under them and believe you’ll love how stylized your figure will look.

Our Butt Lifting Shorts are designed to satisfy and sculpt your booty goals! Designed to instantly enhance your best assets, mold your hips and help flatten your belly bump, these are our wardrobe basic butt lifting shorts you need to try:

Like all body types, all but lifters are different, and choosing the one that covers your necessities will make a big difference not only in how you look, but how you feel, reflecting that confidence as beauty, that’s our purpose! Follow our recommendations on Colombian shapers to boost your mood every day!

February 15, 2021
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