Fashion market trends have changed dramatically in the past year. In the past, shapewear had a common use for special events only, but now at days, women are wearing shapewear because it’s a major confidence booster, it’s becoming a key ingredient on self-love. Plus the health benefits that come with it (Read more about it here…) 

I´m sure you’ve tried a piece of shaper before, and if your experience was uncomfortable or the famous rollings, that was probably the not best choice of style for your body type, not the right size and not the control level you were used to or needed at the time. 

If you want to start adding shapewear on your daily basis, let us help you find the best one, so you can start enjoying the benefits of feeling beautiful, confident, and most importantly super comfy with your shaper piece. 



The control level also is known as the compression on your shaper, determines the results you show when wearing it, also how comfortable it’s going to be depending on your experience with it. Let’s find your perfect compression level: 


This is the mildest level of shaping. If you are looking for something not that dramatic, just a soothing touch in your curves, this compression it’s perfect for you. 

Body shapers with medium compression will accentuate the natural curves of your body while smoothening areas that are more likely to develop rolls or bump. More commonly used for everyday all-day wear and you are looking to feel comfortable. Check out medium compression shapewear options here… 


The next level of compression on shapewear is a firm compression, giving superior control over all areas you want to trim by following the body’s natural curves, eliminating completely unaesthetic imperfections like muffin tops or back rolls. Most of them can be worn all day, just make sure that the style you decide to get fits you and gives you flexibility. Check out our favorite firm control shapewear here...


The final category is the ultimate amount of control. It offers the highest degree of compression and sculpting. Its firmness shapes the body to create the desired lines while still allowing you to feel comfortable.

We recommend using this type of compressions when you’ve tried at least the moderate compression level so you can feel comfortable enough with a medium control first and then upgrade to a bomb instant body sculping shapewear. Check out our high quality, high control shapewear for premium results…

#CYSMTIP The goal here is for you to feel unrestricted and comfortable. If you don’t feel this way but this is the level of compression that fits your goals try a shaper one or two sizes up from the one you’ve chosen.


There are a lot of body shaping styles and that can be confusing, that’s why we’ll share with you the most popular body shaper styles and which style of body accentuates the most, so you can start enjoying your perfect fit. 


The classic body shaper with its signature leotard shape is the perfect fit for a rectangle body type. Body-hugging clothing garments like tight dresses and blouses. 

It will help you build a more feminine and smooth silhouette, perfect for a rectangle body shape it will cinch your waist helping you achieve an hourglass figure. 

We recommend our Ultra Silhouette Body, it will instantly mold the natural curves of the body enhancing your booty and breast and slimming your waist and tummy. Plus it’s super comfortable, with high-quality material that provides skin-care benefits.


You may have a love and hate relationship with your pear body shape, but girl it is awesome to have those curves, you have to make the most of it! Rock a shaper that molds your tights and enhances your glutes giving you an amazing silhouette. 

We recommend our SEAMLESS ABDOMEN CONTOURING CAPRI, it has a light-weight design and will give you an instant figure contouring because of its high control applied to the bottom area of your body plus its abdomen flattening benefit.


If your hips and shoulders are at the same width, and your waist is naturally contoured, you’ve got an hourglass body figure. What you want to do is get rid of the muffin tops and bumps you may have. Strapless shapewear with tummy and back control is what you need. 

We recommend our High Waist Tummy Control Shaper it flattens your abdomen, enhances your booty and smooth you curves covering any lines you may not like, plus its seamless technology that makes it super comfy! 


If you have a wide bust and a full midsection with smaller hips you have an apple body style. What we want to do is focus on abdomen compression and booty enhancement to give volume to the parts of your body that need it and slim your silhouette for a more feminine silhouette. 

We recommend our Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper for a full-body makeover! with its targeted compression, it will create the desired lines and curves while still allowing you to feel comfortable. 

Shapewear can have a profound effect on how you fit and feel in your clothes which can dramatically impact your level of confidence. Take our tricks on how to choose the right style and enhance what you already have! It’s all about feeling yourself and being confident with it! XO.

June 1, 2020

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