Happy mother’s day to all our amazing moms out there! While every day is a good day to appreciate a mother, we still love to be extra on this special day. We want to thank you all for being our role models, our shoulder to cry on when we needed, our favorite chef, our very own personal doctor when we’re sick, our best friend when we needed honest advice but most importantly thank you for being you.

This Mother’s day we want you to give your self the treat you deserve no matter the situation we’re in. If you as a mother or you as son have no idea of what to do for this mother’s day while staying at home, we have some ideas you can do  for your mom to feel extra special:

Wake her up with a surprise!

Surprise her with breakfast in bed! Who doesn’t enjoy being treated like a queen? Exactly. Get her the first smile of the day with a delicious coffee a mimosa and healthy breakfast like banana pancakes with fruit on the side. We’ll help you  with our 5 min pancakes recipe:

Banana Pancakes:
1 banana
1 egg
½ cup of oats
¼ Milk
Coconut oil or butter

Preparation: Mix the banana, egg, oats, and milk on the blender, add a spoon of vanilla if you want them sweeter, blend until smooth. Preheat a pan for 4 min with low heat, when it is heated and ready pour a little of the oat mix on the pan, let the pancakes cook on the first side until the underside is fairly golden-brown, flip them for the other side to cook as well and you are all set!!


Treat yourself, treat your mom or even your bestie for a very useful gift for these times. An athleisure fit it’s the perfect mix of a pretty sporty garment and feeling comfy the whole day! I need that! Whether you’re working out, working from home, or just lounging, athleisure is really coming in handy now as more people are spending their days indoors. We’ve made a choice of two outfits that will make you look like the hottest mom ever!


910 - Thermal ultra compression and abdomen control fit legging + Gigi Apparel Control
Lift your best assets with comfortable leggings, feel more feminine, young and sexier than ever, add our apparel control Gigi bodysuit that will smooth your curves and making you look instantly slimmer. We love this outfit for a comfortable stay in look!


936 Ultra-High Compression and Abdomen Control Fit Mesh Legging + 999 Mesh Detail Long Sleeve Fit Blouse
Nowadays a sporty look it’s not only for a workout routine, now you can look sporty and cute while working at home. And why not work while feeling free and super comfy.


Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to get together to celebrate our mothers on their special day. But it’s always a good idea to send her gifts to show her how much you appreciate her even when you are apart. Online shopping is the key to success, send her a bouquet of flowers, shop amazing online mother’s day promos or even a cute postcard with some chocolates! Send what you’ve bought to her doorstep, she’ll love that you made the time to send her something special.

We share some of our favorites for Mom:

Moms will always be grateful for whatever you decide to do or as a mom if you decide to give yourself a little treat do it! It’s your day and as long as you feel full everyone around you will feel the same. Thank you for your eternal support and unconditional love, keep being the rock of the family and the boss mom we know you all are!

Happy mother’s day! XO.

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May 8, 2020

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