Fourth of July continues to be one of the biggest summer holidays, It’s where all the country gathers to celebrate our Independence. A day where we like to spend our time with our family and friends, home bbq, and lots of fun. And of course, don’t forget about the amazing deals that you can find on the internet and in stores. 

We could not be an exception, at CYSM we celebrate our independence with a special sale for you. Starting on July 1st  through July 4th get a FREE gel when buying a $60+ shaper! This is definitely our shapewear perfect match! 


This is an amazing body gel that will help you achieve your body shaping and weight loss goals faster, how? Well,  the  main ingredients in our gel are caffeine and algae marine, which have the following effects when they  are in contact with your  skin: 

  • Caffeine Skin Benefits: it’s anti-aging! While a cup of coffee can provide antioxidants internally, the purported skin benefits from coffee are primarily obtained topically. it can help to reduce redness, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the appearance of cellulite and it has an anti-inflammatory effect. 

  • Marine Algae Skin Benefits: It’s an amazing ingredient full of therapeutic benefits. It hydrates, softens, and detoxifies the skin. 

Now that you know how beneficial this absorbent gel is to your skin, imagen the results you could get incorporating a healthy diet + exercising + your shaper & gel! You’ll notice amazing improvement quickly on your figure. 

Okay, so here are one of the favorite combos to achieve these amazing results we are talking about, choose the one that fits your necessities the most! 



Waist cincher + Body Perfection Absorbent Gel

Our Posture Correcting Ultra Flex Slimming Slip it’s an amazing option when you are looking to change your figure instantly without risking your comfort! Because of its sweet spot between improved flexibility, adequate support, and an ultra-lightweight this cincher will make your goals come true. 

If you have as a goal shaping your figure, the absorbent gel plus the cIncher is a perfect match for you, it will help you get faster results plus this cincher looks great under any outfit and it’s perfect for everyday wear.


Ultra Sweat Sleeve Vest + Body Perfection Absorbent Gel

When it comes to sweating 3 times more than usual on your workout our Ultra Sweat Collection is what you need, and the newest garment in this collection is the Ultra Sweat Sleeves Vest, This is a high-performance gear with thermal design, that will support your muscles while exercising, plus it will flatten your abdomen and shape your arms and back instantly. 

Match the amazing absorbent gel with the ultra sweat shapewear to hydrate and detoxify your skin, making the area where the gel it’s applied young and beautiful.


Legs and Tummy Control Body Shaper +  Body Perfection Absorbent Gel

One of our favorite combos for the summer days and keep you fresh at all times, because its firm controls the Legs and tummy control body shaper gives you an instant curvy silhouette, perfect for everyone who is looking to shape their legs and flatten the abdominal area. 

Get rid of cellulite! Apply the absorbent gel on your butt and thighs and you’ll achieve smoother and beautiful skin, match the firm control of this shaper, and the caffeine benefits on your skin.


Seamless Targeted Compression Slimming Thermal Bodysuit + Body Perfection Absorbent Gel

The Seamless Slimming Bodysuit is the whole package! Daily wear a full-body shaper that will mold your silhouette and enhance your beauty with its targeted compression. This shaper comes with thermal action making it the perfect match for our absorbent gel and helping you achieve your weight loss goals. 

#CYSMTIP If you are in a weight loss journey, wear this shaper + the absorbent gel to see faster results and help sculpt your silhouette to a healthier version of you.  

Get the most of our 4th of July sale and get the shaper that fits your necessities and lifestyle the most. We guarantee that pairing the body perfection absorbent gel with one of the shapers we recommend on this blog or the ones in our 4th of Jul Collection will not only help you see better and faster results but transform your mood and boost your confidence whenever you use our perfect match!

July 1, 2020

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