Health is one of the most important aspects to start feeling and looking better than ever. We want you to achieve all of your health & fitness goals, that0s why the importance of changing your lifestyle and start adding easy and small healthy steps into your daily routine, you’ll see how you start seeing amazing before and after weight loss results.
It is well known that to start burning calories you don’t have to invest a lot of time or money in a gym. In some cases, doing simple exercises from home at the beginning of your weight loss process works better than weight training and also, getting some accessories that help you build your new figure.

To start with the right foot, try incorporating thermal shapewear on a daily basis. We recommend thermal shapewear because it will increase your bodies precipitation, it will help you burn more fat and toxins in the areas where the latex has an action on the  garment, helping you slim your figure in less time than usual, here are some of our favorite shapewear for weight loss:

Slimming Thermal Waist Cincher

This amazing waist trainer will help you slim your waist and burn the extra fat in your belly, helping you get a toned and flatter midsection of your body in less time than usual. Also, if you don’t have an hourglass figure, but you wish you had it this waist trainer is perfect to start building that silhouette. You’ll start seeing amazing body contouring results in weeks!

#CYSMTIP For extra results, we recommend using our CYSM Body Perfection Absorbent Gel which will help you get more results! Our gel has natural extracts of marine algae and caffeine, which will give your skin a healthy look and help you see faster results in the areas where you apply it.

High-Performance Thermal Bodysuit

Looking to a full body slimming effect? This is the bodysuit for you. The ultra-sweat bodysuits target every area of your body;  Perfect to wear it when you go for a walk or start working out at home, you’ll start sweating 3 times more than usual, abdominal-focused compression, shape/slim your legs, plus it super comfortable fabric that will support your muscles and help you have a better performance

Slimming Compression Latex Comfort

This is the perfect body shaper for everyday wear. Designed with light and sweat stimulating fabric to help to slim your figure, without roots or hooks to provide extra comfort making it perfect for everyday wear, and with ultra compression that will mold your figure instantly.

Second, try to be in motion during the day!

It is important to be consistent with your workout or whatever you are doing to stay active during the day. Training every day regardless of the time it takes will help your body burn more fat than exercising 2-3 days a week. Try Incorporating these simple practices into your daily routine, it will help to accelerate the fat burning process of your body, build muscle, and achieve your health & weight loss goals:

Now that you have your workout gear to support your fitness try to incorporate these simple workout routines for beginners:

If start exercising is hard for you, you don’t feel motivated or you just don’t know how to start, this plan is perfect for you. What you need is an aerobic exercise which is done in a short time or as an interval training to activate and fasten your metabolism. Try doing the following  routine 3 times a day, it only takes 21 minutes to complete it or put the three intervals together and do a 1-hour workout routine, what fits your schedule best:

- Jog for 7 minutes.
- Do squats, jump rope or mountain climbers for 7 minutes
- End with 7 minutes jogging

With these exercises to lose body fat, you will be able to burn up to 500 calories a day. If you want to increase your performance, try wearing clothing that keeps you motivated and makes you feel comfortable while working out. Our 936 - ultra High Compression and Abdomen Control Fit Mesh Leggings will give you freedom of movement, feeling of freshness, with a design dedicated to making you look toned;

Thanks to its high-waist band with compression on the abdomen, push-up effect, and compression that helps shape your legs, it will definitely keep you motivated to continue working on goals.

Click here to get the best smart leggings to achieve your goals

Simple workout if you already exercise

These exercises are intended to get your body out of its comfort zone adding a little boost to the workout routine you regularly have so you can start losing weight faster.
This workout consists of adding 30 minutes of extra movement into your day. You’ll do it at the opposite time of the day that you usually do your daily exercise routine. For example:

- If you workout in the morning, take a quiet walk through your favorite park, around the block, whatever is within your reach in the afternoon.

- If you exercise in the afternoon, walk to work in the morning or take a bike ride.

#CYSMTIP: Make your wardrobe an ally to get the results you want. Wear garments that give you control, adjustment and freedom of movement, like our 999 Mesh Detail Long Sleeve Fit Blouse, with an ideal design that will help give you better performance and shape the problematic areas of your body.

Getting in motion is what will keep you going, motivated, and most importantly seeing the best weight loss results you’ve ever seen. At CYSM we have our very own Active Collection, which is focused supporting your health journey, whether it is with our smart leggings, our ultra-sweat shapewear collection, and a lot more workout gear that will keep you together and super comfortable to give you a better performance! Get to know what we talk about, and shop active.

These easy steps to your daily routine will not only give you faster body remodeling results, but it will also help your mood, that’s right being in motion, exercising, eating healthy, and wearing the clothes that make you look good will give you a healthy state of mind since you are doing things for yourself you will start feeling happier than ever! Try these steps and tell us how your mood and body have changed, we’d love to hear from you.

CAN I LOOSE WEIGHT USING A WAIST TRAINER? If you want to know which CYSM Waist trainers can help boost your weightloss journey, go to our sisters in the FT&FAB BLOG, they have talk all bout weight loss and how can you incorporate waist trainers to your journey! Read the blog here.

July 28, 2020
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