Medical Compression garments are a few things that give you control over the sensitive process of undergoing a surgical procedure, having an injury, or health recovery. You can't control how your body reacts to a medical intervention, but you can 100% be proactive in making sure you get the best results and experience a quick & comfortable recovery process.

By wearing compression shapewear after a medical procedure, be it cosmetic, therapeutic, or another medical reason, you can make a positive impact on your recovery. You'll improve your pain levels, reduce the appearance of bruises, helping with your scarring results & on your body's general comfort during the healing process.

It's important for us, for you know everything that's out there about this topic, so you can confidently choose the ideal garment for you. We'll show you the most frequently asked question we get when it comes to post-surgery compression-wear and their answers.

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Is Shapewear Good for Your Health?

Our top goal is to take care of the health, safety and satisfaction of our community.

Our Medical line has to offer multiple health focused features:

By stimulating a healthy blood flow to the affected areas, post-surgery Shapewear will not only keep your skin healthy, but it will also help with better scarring, especially after invasive surgical procedures.

After your intervention and the following days of your recovery swelling is expected. Garments that increased compression will minimize the pain and discomfort you experience; the gradual compression in our post-surgery Shapewear designs are fully adjustable to your needs.

Invasive or non invasive, surgery always comes with extra strain on your body; that’s why an adequate amount of shoulder/back support & dedicated muscle support in key areas are essential in keeping you safe & comfortable during recovery.

Because of its humidity our skin is the perfect medium for the formation of bacteria. CYSM’s exclusive Bio Therapy technology creates a safe antibacterial environment , which allows you to heal safely.

CYSM’s Bio Therapy fabric provides a cooling effect, that gives ventilation to the areas of your skin that have direct contact with the fabric, making your physical performance way easier.

Targeted compression plays a big role in how post surgery shapewear helps your healing process be more efficient; and the prevention of swelling is a top priority for our garments design, so you can look & feel amazing in no time.

post op shaper benefits

For How Long Should I Wear My Post-Surgery Garment?

This depends on the procedure performed, we recommend talking to your doctor first and taking his advice, he’ll know what’s best for your recovery. Generally, most will recommend a minimum of one month, so your skin can heal and adapt to its new form, again depending on the procedure.

doctor recomending cysm fajas post operatoy shaper

For How Long Should I Wear My Post-Surgery Garment?

After your surgery, it’s important that you wear your shaper day and night, even when you go to sleep and only take it off when you shower, this is usually for the first 4 weeks. Depending on the aftercare protocol of your doctor. Your body needs time to recover, but it also needs your help. With this amazing post-surgery garment guía you are ready to take control of your body and have a safe, comfortable and quicker recovery with no doubt.

post operatory girdle with premium compression

How Do I Choose Correctly My Medical Garment Style?

The best post-surgery Shapewear is the type of compression garment that fits your specific needs, CYSM’s entire post-surgery Shapewear collection offers all of the necessary health-focused benefits depending on the procedure you’re in with the features we listed above!

Here are our top post-surgery garment suggestions for the most common surgical procedures:

Post-Partum Support

Abdominal Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery


Hips, Thighs and Buttocks Surgery

Back Support

Anti Varicose Veins

Take a step and choose the shapewear that fits your needs the most. CYSM’s Medical Compression Shapewear collection, what a life saver!
Your health will always be a priority, and these body shapers will always be there to support your health and recovery journey.

October 19, 2020
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