We are super excited to talk about this. Most of us are social distancing at the time and staying at home, and while that is for the best it can be hard at times, and we get it. Staying in could not be the most helpful when it comes to mental health, that’s why we’ll talk about something you can start doing to be active, stay healthy while staying at home. 

First of all, stay motivated. We know how tough this could because when you’re at home you just want to sit on the couch, but think of it this way; you have lots of time to do that now, so here is what you can do to be way more active without leaving your house. 

1. Plan a schedule, work with goals

There’s nothing like having a routine, plan what you want to do to the time you wake up till the end of the day, plan meals, plan your workout, have at least one important, different or new activity for the day, you’ll see how time flies.


2. Wakeup & Meditate 

In times of stress, meditation can be a big positive activity to take a toll on our mental health. Besides being a trendy activity, yoga will help you achieve a healthy state of mind. Now that you have more time in your hands, look for a yoga class on the internet or even youtube, move around your furniture and meditate every morning. 

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3. Workout virtual dates are a thing! 

Yes, as you heard it. While we can’t spend time with our loved ones physically, thank good for technology. Having this virtual moment can improve our mood for the day and make you feel full of energy. Having a workout date via zoom is a great way to exercising and staying top of each other’s fitness goals. 

4. Separate work from you living space

Don’t be monotonous, separate your workspace from relaxation, move around your house, alternate where you work, so you can be creative every day and get out of bed inspired to start the day! 

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5. Do your cardio girl!

You need to sweat at least once a day to see everything more clearly. Try an at-home aerobic exercise that works your whole body, it will take only 30 minutes of your day. Do it by circuits, each circuit will cycle through five moves, which work everything from your legs, core, and shoulders. Once you completed the circuit do 3 or 4 reps and you are all set! 


At home routine example:

  • 3 min rope jumping
  • 25 jump squads or squads 
  • 25 backward lunges (each leg) 

Rest 1 min

  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 25 pause squat
  • 25 touchdown jacks

And you are all set!... Don’t forget to cool down, you could do the following:

  • Child’s pose
  • Standing quad stretch 
  • Downward facing dog
  • Shoulder circles 

You see how being constant with cardio will totally change your mindset during these social distancing times. Get an ultra-sweat thermal vest to see faster weight loss results, helping you boost your motivation and change your mood for the better.


Make a schedule, work on your goals, be physically active, be constant, and remember all of this will make you not just look better but your mood will change for the better, you’ll be more p productive and will not even care about being stuck at home for the whole day. You go first! Be Active!


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May 18, 2020
Beauty & Health

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