As we got through another month of the year,  we want to grow and give you better content constantly, that’s why we are launching this amazing Blog Series! The CYSM Shapers Style Guide Series.

Where once a month we’ll publish a detailed brand style guide blog post of our different collections and most popular products so you can have an idea of which clothing pieces match your garments, for which occasions, lifestyles, and much more! We are so excited to publish this content that we are sure you’ll make the most of it and love!

Let’s get started!

Get to know our Seamless Shapewear Styles!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Seamless Shapewear, the kind of shapewear that doesn’t even feel like shaper but gives you the benefit of body control. That’s right our seamless shapewear collection it’s ideal for everyday wear, for the days you want to feel the most comfortable or even for shapewear Rockies (We actually have a whole blog dedicated to our shaper Rockies, if you are interested click here to check it out). 

What makes our Seamless collection so special is its lightweight fabric that adjusts and rests perfectly against your skin, being unnoticeable under any type of clothing no matter how tight the garment might be. When  it comes to these shapewear styles we can just get enough benefits, but some of the benefits our  customers enjoy the most are: 

  • SMOOTH CONTOURING: Superior control with a smooth surface.
  • TARGETED COMPRESSION: Control is provided to the areas that you want.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Freedom of movement and skin breathability.
  • COOLING EFFECT: Facilitates optimal physical performance.
  • EXTREME RESISTANCE: The seamless material provides excellent support.

Okay, now that you get an idea of why our seamless shapers are one of the favorites, we want to show you the big picture, you can wear them for any occasion. From a casual staying at home day to running errands, and even for a super formal event. 

Here are our recommendations on Seamless Shapewear styles for different occasions, that will make you look naturally radiant at every step:


We love how the seamless Strapless Thermal Full Body Shaper matches our jeans collection, it is just a beautiful and natural way to lift your best assets. This body’s perfect to keep you cool and smooth your silhouette hiding the infamous belly bumps and giving you a beautiful booty shape. That’s why we love the effect it creates when you wear them with our push-up jeans. 

Make the outfit: Get your strapless body shaper, a white oversized or fitted shirt tucked into your favorite style of CYSM Push - up jeans for an effortlessly chic look. This look’s one of the most trendy looks of the summer, so own it and feel extra confident with the help of your seamless shaper.


Weather is a date with a special someone or with your best friends, we all have that beautiful A cut “date dress” that makes us feel extra special, and we want you to show how much you love yourself, with an extra glow? The Seamless Thermal Abdomen Focused Body  Shaper will help you with that extra glow, because of the hourglass effect it makes on your body and its targeted abdomen compression.  

This bodysuit’s the perfect complement for the A cut dresses or even midi dresses that are super sculptural, this shaper sculps your body perfectly targeting the middle section of your body. Plus its super comfortable fit that will allow you to feel yourself and walk-in comfortably to your date.


We get it we don’t want to look super casual o  super formal at all times, sometimes a sporty outfit it’s what we need to really feel ourselves, more nowadays when a sporty outfit it’s considered a fashion statement. And that’s why you need an Abdomen  Contouring Seamless Thermal Short in your closet ASAP!

You can wear this thermal shorts as regular biker shorts! Yes, you can use them as bikers while enjoying the benefits of a shaper, which means you’ll be comfortable, in style, and of course, showing amazing and smooth curves. 

Make the outfit: Get your Thermal shorts as bikers, cool sneakers, and depending on your mood an oversized t-shirt or a comfy sweatshirt, this will become your favorite comfortable outfit, believe me.


Let’s be honest one of the most regular occasion to wear a compression garment it’s when we have a super special, fancy event. And I get, we all want to look extra fabulous and show an amazing figure with a red carpet-worthy dress! Yep, shapers can make you look like a Hollywood star. 

The Seamless Thermal Action Weight Loss Hourglass Bodysuit it’s one of our favorites for these type of special occasions, it is super comfortable that you will have so much fun, without feeling uncomfortable for the night.


This super seamless and cooling shapewear is just what you need for the days where you want to wear less clothing and feel super fresh. The Strapless Ultra Compression Body Shaper will apply its targeted compression to the middle area of your body for an extra slim look for every tight clothing piece you decide to wear. 

Make the outfit: We love how this shaper looks with tight clothing, matches this strapless body shaper with wide leg high waisted pants (make it fun and get one with patterns), a strapless basic shirt, and your favorite platforms!


When it comes to wearing suit pants we want to look smooth, curvy but not exaggerated. That’s why we recommend wearing the Seamless Abdomen Control Butt Lifter Leggings to slim your body, enhance naturally your curves and make you look all pulled together, and most importantly these leggings will hide those panty lines that sometimes can be a little distracting.

Our Seamless shapewear is so comfortable and all of the design for daily wear, perfect to make you feel beautiful all day, every day. Now you know what kind of occasions are the most common to wear for each design, but remember you can make them your own and wear it with whatever you want, choose the seamless shaper that fits you the most!

September 14, 2020

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