Whether you have curves and want to compliment them, or your body is more on the slimmer side and want to make yourself look curvier, the way you style yourself with your clothes, shoes and even accessories will determine how you silhouette looks. We’ll be talking about some styling techniques on how to dress in order to accentuate your curves, giving you an extra boost of confidence and a total change on how your body looks (for the better, obviously).

The shape for what we are going it’s an hourglass shape, why? Because shape shows a perfect balance between your upper body and your bottom. Whether you are seeking a curvier or a slimmer look, there are certain clothing pieces and tricks that will draw attention to different parts of your body. 

With these basic clothing tricks and the right shapewear, you will learn how to define your silhouette lines and how to pay attention to balance your body correctly, making your body shape look instantly better, giving you that wow factor that will reflect the self-confidence you have, Let’s begin!


The clothing piece you need is a wrap dress, the wrap will cinch the smallest part of your waistline a go-to when looking for a basic clothing piece to enhance your curves. This piece looks great on every body type, plus you can style it to look formal or as casual as you want.

Give it an extra with a comfortable waist cincher, the Posture Correcting Ultra Flex Slimming Fit with ultra control and lightweight design that will slim your waist, flatten your abdomen, and enhance your breast giving that styled figure we are looking for.  

Wrap dresses are one of the best fashion trends for curvy women because wrap-style clothing hugs you in all the right places. You can’t go wrong with these!


There are two cool tricks that you can use, high heels and high waisted jeans for a more stylized figure.

Wearing heels will create the illusion of longer legs, your leg muscles will stand out making you look more toned, plus when wearing heels you look taller, which means you will look slimmer and your curves will be heightened in a positive way. 

 For a maximum stylized bottom, a pair of high-waisted push-up jeans it’s a must-have. The 2038 Style of CYSM Push-Up Jeans is the real deal. Besides its push-up effect to give you the perfect booty lift, it has a high-waist waistband that will slim your tummy and your silhouette. 


#CYSMTIP Try color blocking, using the bright color clothing piece on where you want to look thicker and a dark color on where you want to look slimmer, this will flatter and balance your figure. 



If you want to accentuate your curves, it is very important that you stick to fitted clothes, loose clothing will never define your curves. Wear clothing that follows your silhouette, don’t hide it. If you feel uncomfortable wearing tight clothing seamless shapewear is going to save your life. 

Get the Seamless Strapless Full Body Shaper, it will remain invisible no matter how tight your clothes are plus it will define and mold your curves making you feel extra comfortable. 

The key to an accentuated figure is fitted clothing, such as skinny jeans, high-waisted skirts, wrapped-style tops, and everything that follows the line of your silhouette. 



Try wearing tops that show you collarbone and shoulders, this will emphasize your upper body’s shape and balance out the curves from your hips and waist with your upper body.

Bodysuits with this feature are a popular fashion statement nowadays, because of how versatile they are and how you can make a basic piece of clothing a fashion statement matching it with one statement garment.

Achieve these trendy look with our Seamless Apparel Control line. The style CLARA besides having that collarbone and shoulders design. It will smooth any bumps you may have making your clothing fit and look better. 


Lastly and most importantly, be confident of who you are. Having the perfectly balanced and styled outfit for your body does a lot for you, but how you present yourself, how you stand, how you walk, what you reflect makes a huge difference in how others or even you perceive yourself. Wear that wrapped dress with confidence and you’ll see how your perception changes making you look instantly more radiant than ever. 
June 15, 2020

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