The Secret To Know If Shapewear Really Works

Losing a couple of pounds, getting a flat stomach or whatever of your body goals might be can be a little hard sometimes. Sometimes not achieving these goals, can be constant pressure. Shapewear is a garment that now at days will help you smooth and slim down always mixed with a great diet, exercising will help you start seeing faster and greater results. 

We know that body shapers will change your figure instantly, but can shapewear help you lose weight? Or does shapewear reduce belly fat? These questions have been studied for years, and many experts have found that wearing shapewear can help you lose some extra weight and sizes faster than usual. 

The CYSM Body shapers will help your weight loss because of the different features our shaper pieces include, like: 


In CYSM shapers with thermal action garments, you will find an internal latex lining made of natural rubber, you’ll fin shapers with latex covered to avoid contact with the skin, and also we have compression garments with exposed latex that touches the skin, so you can choose the one that will benefit you and your body goal and stimulate your bodies burning process.


Our body shaper will provide compression molding your figure in the areas you want to be targeted, applying more compression to some areas and less to the ones you want to feel enhanced without sacrificing your health and comfort.


These two properties will accelerate fat loss, which will exponentially increase your weight loss results when combined with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Look out on our body shaper with BIO Therapy, which offers a faster weight loss inch-trimming solution fit for all sizes and body shapes.

So now that you know that body shaper can actually help you on your weight loss journey when combined with a healthy and active lifestyle of course. It is all part of healthy living, and all of them are parts of a puzzle so you can achieve your body goals.

We actually have a specific collection of the best body shaper for weight loss. And we’ve made a list of our top 5 customer favorite shapers to lose a couple of pounds, best-reviewed for them because of its amazing body slimming results:


This shape is great to instantly slim your midsection and progressively, why? Because it will increase heat concentration with the same physical effort. Molding your waist, and helping you downsize for a couple of weeks. 

This waist trainer has thermal compression because of the latex on the garment, and it also will take care of your skin thanks to the absorbent cotton inner lining on it. Get ready to see the body shaping results you are looking for! 


Your best gym buddy! The sports thermal waist cincher will help you sweat 3 times more than usual when working out. It has a higher density of latex for a faster result, increases heat concentration with the same physical effort, posture correction, and a soft absorbent cotton inner lining to take care of your skin. 

It is everything you need to complement your diet, exercise routine! Get the cincher and see how life-changing it is to give trainer on your daily healthy lifestyle


To see results, you need to drink water, eat healthily, exercise and to that add a latex body shaper to see amazing body contouring results! The slimming compression latex body is the perfect body shaper to wear every day, all day while you are on your weight loss journey. 

It offers ultra compression while being lightweight. Made with a combination of seamless and latex material, the product offers the ultimate weight loss solution.


If you are looking for a body shaper that will give your better results on your weight loss journey, but you want to still feel comfortable, this is the shaper for you. Get the benefits of full-body slimming, thermal action, and skincare on one body shaper. Plus wear it with any clothing piece and it will remain invisible because of its seamless fabric, fall in love with the weight loss before and after results you’ll be getting! 


Our brand new waist trainer and a new customer favorite for weight loss are just amazing! It is designed with structural roods for body support, internal lining for skincare, adjustable hooks for 3 compression levels. 

The Compression latex waist cincher offers ultra compression while being lightweight. Ideal for extra tightness when been at the gym, and even to wear it on your daily basis. This is the customer’s top choice when it comes to tummy slimming and seeing flat tummy results!

Now that you know which shapers are going to give you that weight loss before and after the result you want, shop our Best for weight loss body shapers and make it part of your routine. Remember, is all about a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, exercising, and drinking water to see amazing results. You can do it! This is your year, let’s #ShapeYourLife

March 9, 2021
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