And we find ourselves talking about every shopping lover’s favorite holiday! Yep, as you already know it’s almost that time of the year where every store has amazing deals, brand new products and amazing bundles, yes girl you guessed it! Black Friday Deals are just around the corner! 

You probably are already preparing for it, looking for the good stuff and adding your faves and must have items to your wishlist, we are no strangers to that. And we want to be part of your search for the best deal shopping experience. That’s why we’ll be sharing with you a must-haves body shaper pieces for our black days sale, starting November 15th - 30th!

First, let’s talk about compression girdles. For a successful body shaper shop, you need to get a shaper that adapts to your lifestyle, that supports your body goals it could be enhancing your curves or slimming your body, also if you are a shaper pro or a compression rockie! There’s a shaper for everyone, with this information on the table you’ll be able to get the best shaper for you, that believe me you’ll love it so much, one it’s not going to be enough. 

By wearing a CYSM Shaper you will feel comfortable, confident, and sexy every day, without sacrificing your health. We’ve designed different Collections for every occasion, if you are looking for a better workout performance, for everyday wear, for a special occasion, to support your health, and more. Here’s a little bit more about what our different Collections could do for you. 

When shopping your very first shaper we always recommend our Seamless Collection, it is super comfy, with amazing breathable fabric and body smoothing. Here’s our guide for body shaper rockies. And if you are a #ShaperPro we have the best shapers for women! Our Premium Collection is going to rock your world, it will change your figure dramatically in a second without sacrificing your health or comfort. 

And lastly, an important factor when choosing the ideal shapewear is your body shape of course, everybody has a different target to apply compression in order to get the most of your garment, right? Apple, Pear, Square, or Hourglass figure we are here to help you figure it out. Check out our short guide to choose the right shapewear here. 

OK, now that you have a clear idea of what you want of your shapewear piece, we’ll be sharing with you the must-have CYSM Shaper pieces for every occasion, body shape and body health goals so you can add it to you wish list, and get the most of our black friday sales! 

Let’s begin…

And looking for body aesthetic instant correction, with maximum compression? This is what you need: 

Looking for your very first shaper but still want a great compression while keeping your freedom of movement, this is the shaper for you:

Best for a Wedding, or Fancy Event to Complement Your Figure

For long periods of time, and still enhancing your best features looking naturally shaped

For Instant Tummy Control, and get that flat belly you’ve always desired

Looking for the perfect waist cincher?

Train you waist, shape your figure to a more balanced and feminine figure with an instant slimmer waist, This is our must-have waist trainer:

Are you a thick tights gal?

And want to smooth, control or shape your bottoms, this ultra flexible body shaper is a life saver:

A Premium Shapewear Must-Have for a full body slimming effect:

Want to get better workout results, give your muscles support while exercising? We got ya! This full body shaper will help you achieve your body and health fitness goals

Looking for back support?

If you are seated for long hours or experience a lot of back pain this is a must have to get rid of back pain, and correct your bad posture:

Did you know every shaper has a perfect match?

Yep one of our faves is our absorbent gel that helps support your goals thanks to the caffeine and marine algae benefits the gel gives to your skin:

Every Woman's Dream! A lifted and rounded booty.

This butt lifting body shaper will make you fall in love with yourself, more than just a shaper this is a confidence booster

Now that you’ve added the ideal shapewear to your wishlist, you are ready to take on the world once you have these pieces on your hands. We believe all women are beautiful, and sometimes we just need a little push to support our journey to self-love and feel sexy!
Our purpose is to be that push on your day that will make you feel happier. Stay tuned to our black Friday sales and get the most of these deals, good thing you have everything on your wish list, there’s just one step left and you are ready to #ShapeYouLife ;)

November 8, 2021
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