Get Prepared for The Biggest Black Friday Sale!

Yes! Black Friday 2021 is around the corner, the shopping holiday as we like to call it! It’s that time of the year to give yourself, your loved ones, or anyone you’ll like to give a little joy.

On this year’s Black Friday sales CYSM will be launching an amazing shaper deal no one can resist, we’ll be able to enjoy a BOGO sale on their website for the last two weeks of November! cause why not make a month of deals instead of only one day, right?

Starting Monday November 15th to November 30th you can Get One Shaper and The Second One 50% OFF, This is the time to get the best compression combos, treat for you and your loved ones! To get the discount active, just enter the code: BLACKDAYS to start enjoying your black Friday discount

I will share with you the top 8 best BOGO combos ideas, from what has been customers best sellers and favorites of the year, the staff’s pick and pro shaper users must-have garments, so we can start making the most of this BOGO sale and shop smart for the CYSM BLACK DAYS SALE!


No more excuses, start getting on your new year’s resolution plan to get that fit curvy silhouette. The latest legging technology we’ve been all dying for is the Liftouch Fit Legging Control, this unique technology has an internal control panty & invisible seams with highly breathable tech, to improve the athletic performance and of course, body lifting benefits, cause a little confidence boost is never a bad idea.

And to double the weight loss effect of my workout the Slimming Thermal Waist Cincher, it’s a great motivation to get back in shape and to push your fitness level to new limits than knowing that you’re wearing high-performance gear that’s guaranteed to maximize the slimming and muscle toning results you’re working towards


Two pieces of Premium Shapewear that are going to change your silhouette for the better instantly. One of my favorite combos and basic compression garment that are a must-have, perfect to wear with multiple different outfits it's the Thermal Body Shaper With Wide Straps, wear it with midi or maxi dresses, jeans or long skirts & a Butt Lifting Compressive Bodysuit when we want the compression focused on our abdomen area and achieve the perfect rounded booty 


We’ve established that having one compression garment is not enough, why? Because if you like me are a shaper pro and like to wear your shaper piece on a daily basis, you need 

more than one comfortable piece that will be the base of your outfit and fit on every style. One way to get the most of the CYSM Shaper Black Friday event is getting two Seamless Shaper, that will work for two different purposes, like the Seamless Abdomen Contouring Capri perfect for wide-leg bottoms, jumpsuits, knit sweater dresses, and get the other garment at 50% off, my top choice it’s other must-have, the Abdomen Focused Body Shaper perfect for literally any occasion, the gym, for tight dresses, mini skirts and much more outfits that match beautifully with it.


A comfortable, instant remodeling waist cincher will let everyone feel super confident in every outfit, and get the Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher to naturally help to create those sexy curves mother nature didn’t give us. Skincare’s another great auto gift and the 1-CYSM Body Perfection Absorbent Gel it’s just the perfect match with a thermal cincher, helping you push your body goals results.


You know what they say, couples that train together stay together. If you don’t know what to get your significant other, gym gear is always a good idea and with this Black Friday deal, you can get an amazing combo for you and him at a lower price. Check out CYSM's ultra sweat collection and get the most of it, pair the Sport Thermal Waist Cincher with the Men's High Performance Thermal Shirt for an amazing treat for your significant other and you.


The leggings season is finally here! Wait haven’t we all been in our leggings the whole year while quarantining? That’s right one of the best sellers of the year, a pair of comfortable leggings, but when talking CYSM we get not your ordinary leggings, we get a shaping, body-enhancing garment, get the most of the deal and get two of them. 

The staff’s pick top recommendations on shaping leggings are the Seamless Abdomen Control Butt Lifter Leggings to adorn beautifully with every blouse or sweater and the amazing Strapless Underbust Ultra Slimming Leggings with skincare benefits and an ultra-high waist design with compression on the tummy area! Just amazing to have them both in my wardrobe.


Our friends are those who keep us sane on crazy days and that’s why giving them something to say: “Hey, thanks for being there for me” is a great way to show ‘em, love!

A full body shaper is a fantastic gift for any working mom that needs to feel confident and put together at any time. Body shapewear is the ideal garment, they not only highlight one’s best features, but it also helps to contour your natural curves every day. For special occasions, every woman needs shapewear for dresses, so this with different models, you can choose between a thong or a panty body shaper or a strapless one.

And while you are there get one for yourself at half the price!


We know that being seated for long hours in the same position could be uncomfortable, and even create aches in your muscles, that’s why having the right compression that supports your muscles and back is super important. First you need a back support garment to correct your posture and prevent the pain, and then wear an everyday shaper short that’s gonna be your new uniform almost! Lol it’s so good. 

Now that you get an idea of how to make the most of our black friday sale, we hope you enjoy and get that body shaper you’ve always wanted, remember this amazing deal only happens once a year, so get ready and start putting your faves on your wish list, and get ready for November 15th. Who said one shaper is enough? It isn’t, Happy shopping!
November 15, 2021
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