If we take a look at the past couple of years, shapewear has brought a significant change in the world of garments, beauty, and perfection. It started its journey with a mere one-piece slimming garment, but now, it has turned into something more interesting. Shapewear has become one of the important wardrobe collections for women these days, it has become a must-have and a clothing piece that not only makes them feel confident but also changed your life.

We’ve read a lot of our customer’s stories and wanted to share them with you. But first, if you don’t know much about us and or are new here, let us introduce ourselves:


With over 20 years on an international market, we are a shaper brand with Colombian-based manufacturing plants. Every garment goes through an extensive engineering process to get a unique body control piece that actually enhances your curves. Designed to offer the perfect fit, regardless of body type or size, your garment feels like a second skin, we are always keeping in mind your safety and satisfaction.

“ I have been wearing Shapewear for almost 20 yrs. I’m 49 yrs old. I Stopped when I lost my job due to Covid and being at home for almost 1 yr and 3 months I can see my body changed. I HONESTLY highly recommend wearing shapewear. If possible every day. Ever since I discovered this CYSM website I prefer getting my shapewear from this brand. No, I’m not getting paid to write this. This is MY honest opinion!”

- From Queens, NY, USA

“I have been “doing” shape-wear since I was a teenager… I was always on a more curvy side of the crowd. Around that time eating disorders, being super thin, almost anorexic was in *the norm*. “Heroin chick” was the style and either you were in or you were out, a freak, a fat one… What is considered healthy today was *fat* and *ugh* and *freak* back in the day. Initially, I was trying to get slimmer by using shape-wear. Then I developed an eating disorder, pro-ana movements were everywhere back then. :\ I am currently in recovery, I have been for the last 10 years. Funnily enough, the body I have had as a teenager is now the new “WOW”. It is “in” and I have finally accepted myself! I still wear shapers every day, but I am *NOT* hiding anything anymore. I am highlighting my thighs, bum & breasts! I take care of my body, especially my back, I am in love with posture correcting shapers! I have found CYSM around 3 years ago and since then my shaper experience has completely changed. ♥️ I have my favorite shaper for work, another for gym, and a brand new one for waist training (my newest project!) :-) Thank you for supporting me in my journey 🙏🏻 I feel really blessed!”

- - From Gothenburg, O, Sweden

“his cysm faja is so helpful with my post-op bbl fibrosis! I bought four other brands and they all didn’t last or work! The clasps on this one are the only one that has lasted 3 months post-op.”

- From Cathedral City, CA, USA

“In 2010 was the first time I ever wore the Fajardo it was after I had my first baby once I try it there was no going back since then I must wear it I feel so comfortable in it keeps me tight making me feel secure especially after having a c section”

-  From Los Angeles, CA, USA

“I don’t know what I would do without my shapewear from CYSM! They have saved my outfits again 😜 I can wear anything I want and I have different styles that go from pants to dresses and they all are really comfortable.”

- From Sonoma, CA, USA

“ I lose almost 200 pounds and I have a lot of loose skin so I bought a men faja from you guys and it changes my life 🥰😍😍😍”

- From Merced, CA, USA

W love seeing how much shapewear has improved, changed and become part of your life. Send us your best #CYSMSTORY and help us inspire to boost happinessappinesappines, confidence and self love! Thank you to everyone who send uspowerfulwerfull story, we grateful with all our beautiful customers.
September 13, 2021

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