Spring season is around the corner, the days where we can appreciate sunny skies, flowers blooming, and warmer weather. And with warmer weather comes lighter and shorter clothing and of course we want you to have a shaper piece that will keep you cool on the hottest days, compressed and smooth no matter the clothing piece you are wearing. 

There are a few key Colombian body shapers that are with having on your closer and have them as a base when building a trendy wardrobe for spring. Having a hot days proof shapewear like our seamless body shapers that are designed with lightweight fabric and with cooling effect technology, making this cysm shapewear collection ideal for the spring trends. 

First of all, we’re going to introduce our Seamless Collection, which we believe is the best Colombian body shaper to wear when wanting to feel lightweight and comfortable. When wearing a seamless body shaper you’ll be enjoying the following shaper benefits:

Invisible To The Naked Eye 

The seamless technology allows you to have maximum control over targeted areas of your body that you want to instantly redefine. The Colombia cysm fajas have a perfect skin-tight fit which makes them invisible under any type of clothing piece, and most importantly under the lightweight spring-summer clothing garments.

Comfortable Control Fit

If you want light compression, this shaper is for you. Feels like a smooth second layer of skin that follows the natural curves of the body, you’ll be enjoying targeted compression, lightweight design, and invisible fit all in one body shaper.


Look and Feel Fabulous

This collection puts you in charge of what areas get flattened and toned, which receive a voluptuous and sensual lift, because of its targeted compression. 


Speaking fashion, we’ll be seeing a lot of mini skirts, wide-leg denim jeans, knitted polos, white button-down shirts, cropped cardigans are some of the basic and most frequent clothing pieces everyone will be wearing this spring, and based on these clothing trends we’ve created a list of shapewear essentials, shaper solutions for spring that week have you feeling comfortable, smooth and fresh for the hotter days to come 



Enjoy a lightweight body shaper with a boyshort cut in strapless so you can match them with multiple outfits while remaining comfortable. 


A high waist panty is a must for the summer, it’s an upgrade to your regular panty where you’ll be having the body slimming benefits of a body shaper on your underwear, great for everyday wear, and basically a perfect march for any type of clothing piece. 


keep your backside perky with a butt lifting body shaper! These Colombian fajas are a great solution for summer dresses, it will lift your body’s best assets becoming a must whenever you wear a dress. Avoid visible panty lines with these flattering shapers that help you look your best in the tightest of bodycon styles.


A bodysuit is a must on every wardrobe, it is versatile, and goes great with everything, plus this shaper style is designed for sunny days when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of clothes, great to slim your midsection and lift your booty. It is great to mold your body while wearing high-waisted skirts, pants, and shorts, make it part of your wardrobe! 


And last but not least, compression shorts are the most useful shaper pieces of the season! We’ve seen our customers wear it under their dresses, but most impressive as cycling shorts, you can make it formal or sporty depending on your mood for the day. Add a blazer and sandals for more formal or a pair of white socks, white sneakers, and a cropped t-shirt for a sporty look! 

Now you know which shaper pieces are a must for you to have for spring! Get ready to glow, be comfortable and fresh for the whole season, take the chance to be your best version, and love how you feel on every step. 


March 15, 2021

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