These shorts are as necessary as wearing underwear.

We’ve talked about body positive and how the size or shape of a person doesn’t define their beauty. It’s more about how you feel about yourself and what you reflect. And it’s true, if you feel great about yourself, we assure you everyone will feel the same about you, but sometimes it’s hard feeling all empowering and we know it, even more so when one of the most powerful fashion statements is a high waisted look on every bottom piece.
We know a compression garment that is going to help you feel more confident when you are in this situation.

Ever heard of Shaper Shorts?

Shaper shorts are a tummy control shapewear must-haves. From now on it’s going to be your undergarment go to, it will be as important as wearing underwear. We know you’ll love them! & we’ll tell you why.

Our Seamless Abdomen Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts is the solution when you want to show a flat belly and sculpt silhoutte. Flattering your abdomen it’s one of its main features, it also enhance your gluteus and helps stylizing the shape of your legs.

#CYSMTIP: If you are a thick ties kind of gal, this is the ideal shapewear for you. These shorts will smoothly mold your hips and legs, use them when you ́re feeling like wearing high waisted jeans, tight dresses, one pieces or super stretchy and tight skirts.

Our Butt-Lifting Shorts will allow you to show your natural curves, these are mid waisted shorts that define your waistline, flattens your lower abs and enhance gluteus, also forget about that uncomfortable feeling of irritation between your tights whenever you wear skirts.

#CYSMTIP: These plus size shapewear shorts are perfectly designed to wear with mini dresses, mini skirts, two pieces and shorts.

Feeling good about yourself will reflect the beauty and confidence that you have, that’s why it’s important for you to incorporate this Shaper Shorts to your wardrobe. These shapers will boost your confidence, making you feel comfortable with your skin and beautiful, you’ll see how the will become like your second underwear, basic for your daily basis.

January 17, 2020

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