One of the most popular, spooky, and favorite seasons of the year is coming. Where pumpkin spice, brown color palettes, and orange leaves are all over the place, can you guess? Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, a spooky celebration where it’s all about having fun, dressing up, and of course delicious Halloween treats. 

And because we want you to be the center of attention, the star of the night you need only the most amazing Halloween costume possible, and we can help you with some ideas to make it easier for you to choose, but also a little secret of ours; shapewear, of course. In this blog, we’ll share with you the coolest Halloween outfits + which shapewear piece should you wear under to look as sexy as it gets!

With a body shaper being part of your Halloween costume, there’s nothing that can stop you from feeling confident, and like the sexy goddess you are! So here’s our best Halloween costume combo recommendations for a slimmer, curvy, sexy Halloween look.

Who said being the villain was not fun, and which villain could not look better than Angelina Jolie on the maleficent Disney movie, right? Honey, you can look as hot, as amazing as this Hollywood icon. Match your Halloween Maleficent costume with our premium bodysuit, which will apply major compression on your tummy and waist area giving you a corset effect. 

You can even wear the shaper as a customer, just ad a cape, do the makeup and get the iconic Maleficent horns and you are ready to go and rock your Halloween night like a pro.

An iconic and scary costume, perfect for a spooky Halloween night, but make it sexy! We’ve seen some amazing joker Halloween makeup that will itself make the whole costume. You just need to get a dress that accentuates your figure and of course a body shaper that will help you with that as well. 

For this type of costume, we recommend a seamless bodysuit that will smooth your curves and enhance your butt enhance your body curves with the dress you’ve decided to wear.

With the most recent Cruella movie, we got the fortune to see tons of Cruella inspired outfits, get the one you like the most, look for a way to make the iconic Cruella hair dyie, and to add the color that comes with the character get your waist trainer to give that classy, couture touch. 

Plus making a waist trainer part of your Halloween costume it’s not only for looks, but it will also instantly enhance your figure, because of its waist-trimming benefits you’ll feel like you’ve never felt before.

Another iconic and scary costume, all you need is a full suite, use the color purple, green, yellow, and pull off an amazing clown makeup with a twist of fashion glam and you got yourself a joker iconic and fashionable costume. 

Match your joker suit with our compression corset to even with a suit on the show a cinched waist and a flatter tummy. You’ll feel much confident and comfortable through your whole Halloween costume party.

Last but not least, the iconic villain of the little mermaid; Ursula! Girl, if you want to show off your curves for Halloween night, this is the costume for you. Let us explain why you can wear a black mermaid cut dress that will accentuate your curves beautifully. And to give an extra slimming effect to your outfit wear our seamless thermal full body shaper to mold your body instantly.

This bodysuit is great for long hour wear, plus it has targeted compression that will not only slim your body but enhances your butt giving you that sexy feminine look you are looking for.

For more halloween must haves, and how to achieve a perfect hourglass figure with a cinched waist go to our sisters on the Fit&Fab Blog they have the scoop on the waist trainer must have list for halloween 2021

October 4, 2021

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