Father’s day it’s just around the corner, the time to celebrate the most important man in our lives. It’s time to show our father, brothers, husband how much we appreciate all the sacrifices and contributions they’ve made in our lives. This day is a day to express our love and thank them for what they do for our families.   

And we know that finding what to gift to the men in our lives can be a hard task, mostly when it seems like they have everything already right? And coming up with a great gift that says I love you should be more than a last-minute drive to the liquor store or ordering a tie when he probably already has lots of them and used them once a year.

When we think of a real-life hero, the first thing that pops into our head it’s “DAD” that’s why he deserves more than a last-minute gift. We share with you the best father’s day gift ideas that are going to show dad how much you care and appreciate everything he does for the family:


We know that being in the same position for hours at work can get a little tiring, and worst of all it can tense your back, which brings the infamous back pain. Give him something that makes him feel great at and after work! He won’t feel like he is over it by the end of the day. It’s a total mood/energy change that a back support can do to your lifestyle.

You have to give him the: Men's Ultra Flex Control Compression Shirt! Because of its lightweight and smooth feel fabric, it’s comfortable to wear it all day, just like an interior t-shirt. With compression on the back to correct and support his posture, helping his muscles rest comfortably. He’ll love this life-changing hack, believe me!


And when we say six-pack we are not talking alcohol, we mean abs! If he is already into fitness, taking care of his diet, going to the gym, and everything he’ll love ultra-sweat support that will help him achieve his body goals, plus help push his performance. 

The Men’s Support and Sweat Enhancing Waistband will be the best gift for him! It’s a 100% fitness focused line design to help man conquer their physical performance goals. This waistband will make him sweat 3 times more on the abdominal area, helping him burn!


We know gifting boxers, under t-shirts it’s a thing, and if you are thinking about giving him something in this department, we recommend to do it big! Cause he deserves it. At CYSM we have the Men's High Waist Abdomen Control Boxer Brief our boxers have a super smooth feel and lightweight design perfect for everyday wear. 

What makes the Abdominal Control Boxer Brief different? Well, these boxers have ultra compression that will give him a boost of confidence, its high waist design helps to flatten de abdomen, giving him a major confidence boost, it will make every shirt look good and fit. 


With the current sanitary situation, all of us are trying to get in better shape, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and achieve a healthy weight. If he is trying to burn more fat or starting to exercise the Men's High Performance Thermal Shirt will increase the sweating 3 times more, helping accelerate the bodies calorie burning, supporting his goals to achieve

What better motivation to get back in shape and to push your fitness level to new limits than knowing that you’re wearing high-performance gear that’s guaranteed to maximize the slimming and muscle toning results you’re working towards? He’ll love this gift! 

When it comes to body control and support at CYSM we have multiple garments that will support the health of the men’s in your life. CYSM for Men is specially designed to offer comfort and control concurrently, these garments are both to wear on daily activities and gym. Meet some of the benefits of our high-performance shaping gear: 

  • TARGETED FAT LOSS The garments with a thermal layer will stimulate your body’s natural calorie burning process, helping to visibly trim inches.

  • DESIGNED TO SCULPT A MAN’S PHYSIQUE Geared towards toning and shaping targeted areas of the men’s body.

  • MUSCLE SUPPORT The garments compression will keep muscles relaxed and helping to relieve all common muscular issues, like back pain for example. 

  • BACK SUPPORT With strategically placed and full coverage control bands, you will maintain your back in a proper position. 

  • REDUCES SORENESS & MUSCLE FATIGUE AFTER EXERCISING  The compression in our garments supports specific muscle, preventing, and reducing soreness caused by stress overload, an injury from exercise, or physical effort.  

Get to know more about our men’s line and get to choose the perfect gift for dad that matches his needs. 

Showing the man in our life how much we appreciate their hard work, their love, and protection with a health-supporting and physique compression garment! We've been there, and we know it can be difficult to find something perfect, Hope this gift guide has been helpful for you, and don’t forget to tell that special someone how grateful you are for having them in your life. 

June 18, 2020

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