You may be looking for a way to lead your community, wanting to be a pioneer leading to what’s trending in the world, what people are actually asking for. Well, we’ll be talking about CYSM Shapers brand new program, created to help you find that purpose and success you are looking to fulfill in your life. 

First of all, Let’s get into context. What is a brand ambassador? What does it mean?; A brand ambassador is the “face” of the brand, this person is a tastemaker, that shares what she likes, what she wears, how she wears it to her community, it is basically sharing, referring with friends, posting your thoughts on the bran on your social media.

The purpose of our brand ambassador is to make it super easy a click away to become an ambassador and earning a profit from just referring your friends with your account! 

How to get started?... Simple: 

1. All you need to do is apply! And immediately you’ll get access to the exclusive brand ambassador page and links to start building your way to success and will provide fast and easy ways to start earning money with our associate program. Or if you already have an audience build greater than 10K, contact us at, to verify your info and socials and see what ambassador plan works best for you.

2. Share with your friends We’ll give you an exclusive link(master link) which you’ll be able to share with your friends and family in your social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, iMessage, and more. It’s like making money just by talking about what you like, awesome!

3. Start earning money with your referral fees for sales generated by the master link that’s given to you once you are signed up. We only deposit into PayPal Accounts because we want to ensure your security and protection of your money. Don’t have a PayPal account yet? It takes less than 5 minutes and it’s FREE! Create a PayPal Personal account here

On the CYSM Brand Ambassador exclusive page, you’ll be able to access your earnings, to keep track of your progress and reports of what your community is buying. The information shared in these reports will help you optimize your marketing strategies and make the most of your relationship with the community you are building. 

It is a 3 steps process that is super simple and you could even do it on your cellphone and is as simple as telling your friends how much you like something. It is an awesome way to start something special. 

Thinking about becoming a brand system shapers ambassador? Let’s talk about the benefits that you’ll be getting by being a shaper brand collaborator:

1. Thousands of people are currently wearing shapewear every day! 

According to fashion and retail technology company “Edited” shapewear is exponentially rising in popularity. For the next years, it’s a garment that women are going to be buying and making it an essential undergarment piece of clothing. 

2. The chance of earning some money.

Being a brand ambassador is a good way to make extra money by buying your favorite products and starting a conversation about shapewear. Our program gives you 3 different types of ambassador plans based on the numbers of referrals where you decide how much you’ll be making: 

3. A Flexible Schedule

You are the boss of everything. You decide your own hours, how much you’re going to dedicate to this. Also, you decide how much you are going to get out of your position as a representative and part of a shapewear brand. You are the one in control of how you make it work based on your personal life’s schedule. Just make the most of your time of spare.

4. No experience necessary

You don’t need to be a sales expert or a digital marketing major, not even the most followed person on the internet. All you need is to really believe and like what a CYSM shaper does for you and talk about it with your friends and family. 

5. The chance of building a network 

Being a brand ambassador will give you that feeling of freedom and help you build a network the more you introducing yourself to people. This could open many doors for you, make you relevant, and create a community to start a project of your own.  

Interested in being part of the CYSM brand ambassador community? Get to know more about the program here & sing up to start an awesome new life experience!

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May 25, 2020

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