Another year that goes by and the cold-weather season comes to life, it’s a time of the year full of beautiful views, cozy feelings and with the festivities around the corner. Also, when showing a slimmer and sexy silhouette could be kind of hard, because of the bulky clothing pieces, layers and layers of sweaters, puffy coats, and more.

So how do some women get away with looking all put-together while staying warm in the winter months? That’s when shapewear comes to the rescue! & that’s why we are here for! We want to share with you the best fall trends and which shapewear styles you need to not only feel and look great but also make of your shaper piece a must-have to achieve the perfect cold weather outfit.

Below, you’ll find the trendiest wardrobe fall essentials with the shaper pieces that matches the most with each trend, for a chic season looking glamorous and feeling .

Modern shapewear it’s made to look smooth, naturally slimmer and some of our customer-favorite shaper pieces have a thermal layer thanks to its hypoallergenic latex layer that will keep you warm and even help your fitness goals. Here you'll find our customer favorite thermal comfort body shapers to warm you up during the colder days, also you'll look outstanding, beautiful, and trendy through the whole season, let’s talk fashion:


+Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper

Yes, you CAN wear a sexy dress, even on the cold days. A knitted dress is so cozy and so, so stylish. One of the trendiest garments for this year. It’s the easiest way to show a little leg and stay cozy at the same. For extra warmth and style, we recommend pairing your dress with tights and your favorite cowboy boots.

And if you are worried if the knit fabric will make you look thicker or the style of the dress will not look good with your body, the seamless thermal body shaper will mold and smooth your silhouette perfectly, slimming your tights, cinching your waist and thanks to its thermal layer a flat abdomen. You’ll fall in love with the way it sculpt your body, how free and comfortable it makes you feel.



Nothing says off-duty chic like a cashmere oversized sweater. This chic layering piece can be as easy to dress up as it is to dress down. It’s a garment that will never go out of style and you can wear it everywhere and you know what will go perfectly with your sweater?

The ultra slimming leggings, with a perfect seamless fit and total body control and enhancing benefit. Let’s not forget, leggings are pants! And is a clothing piece every woman must have on its wardrobe. 

#CYSMTIP For the extra cold days, when you feel like a denim piece has not enough coverage. Try layering your leggings under your jeans for extra warmth.



It's common to hear "leather jacket" and automatically think of the classic moto style we all own at least one of. This year is all about bringing back the all-time favorite clothing pieces. But now an entirely different style of leather jacket is on everyone's radar and, of course, Instagram feed. It’s an oversized, boyfriend cut, blazer type belted leather coat, yep. As simple as that. 

What we want to do is to take advantage of what we have, the belt will help give you a slimmer and more feminine look. Add a waist cincher to your outfit for a way more snatched waist, it will instantly balance and slim a few inches your waist instantly. 

The Thermal Firm Compression Waist Cincher is all we need for this must have autumn garment. Which also has thermal action to support your weight loss, perfect for daily wear, and incredibly comfortable.



What it used to be a total fashion disaster is now consider a must have! Some say skinny jeans are no longer a thing and we believe so. The only thing you’ll see on social media are wide leg pants, this is the “new it” the jeans you need to start wearing.

What we need is a compression garment that will highlight the natural curves of your body, a piece that will lift your glutes, mold your tights, and slim the upper side of your body for a more stylized figure, this is the effect that the Seamless Abdomen Contouring Capri perfect to mold your curves for a perfect bottom fit.


+ Seamless Thermal Shorts

It plunges us into the golden age of the 1970s, denim patchwork is once again at the heart of our fashion desires since earlier this year, and it stays for the winter season. This denim piece has now become a wardrobe essential. And if you are not a denim kind of gal, because the fit makes you feel insecure we got the perfect shaper piece for you. 

Wear the Seamless Strapless Thermal Full Body Shaper with your patchwork skirt and feel instantly much confident, this shaper short with targeted compression will enhance the parts of your body we usually want to enhance and control the areas we want to flatten. It is a lifesaver when it comes to enhancing our best assets.

Knowing you’re leaving your house feeling cozy, ready to take on this year’s winter fashion trends, and feeling comfortable with your own skin will be a major life changing decision, get the best compression garments that will match this season’s trends perfectly. 
Don’t think about it twice, use your shapewear as a base to your outfit and as a thermal layer to cover you from the cold. Go and wear your shapewear proudly! You got this!

October 19, 2020

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