YES, OF COURSE, THEY ARE! But you have to be very careful with the pair of jeans you choose and the clothing pieces you wear them with. 

If the answer to your question sounds like a lot, don’t worry it’s actually pretty simple and that’s why we are here, to make it simples and help you achieve that perfect business casual outfit with an extra benefit that comes in our jeans. A lifted and well-rounded butt. 

Whether it is for a job interview, business professional meeting, or just because your work environment requires it, the way you style your push-up jeans will make a big difference in whether your outfit is considered right for a business casual dress code, or you totally make of the same pair of jeans a casual outfit (which in this case we don’t want).

First, you have to learn to choose which style of jeans are not considered business casual and should never be considered if you  are looking fora more formal look, such as:

  • Jeans with embroidery, glitter or rhinestones
  • Ripped jeans
  • Acid wash jeans
  • Capris 
  • Jeans with  distracting prints

As these are some of the don’ts of business casual jeans, you should know there are Do’s that you must know to get the perfect outfit. Consider the following steps to dress up your favorite pair of push-up jeans for a business casual occasion:

1. Choose the appropriate style

Like we just mentioned, it’s important for you to know what kind of jeans are not well seen as formal or could make your whole look be a casual one.

For example, you could be wearing a fancy blazer, with a nice blouse but if you pair it with ripped jeans, the outfit becomes instantly casual. Be careful and choose considering our Don’ts recommendations. 

2. Try going for the darker washes

Drank washes like black and indigo are often thought as similar to traditional slacks, that’s why it’s the best color of jeans option for a more formal look, plus they are super easy to pair with other clothing pieces. 


This step you can skip it if you are not into it, but as a long-lasting trend and one of the most famous formal gears, you have to try it. We can assure you that every time you match a good/formal pair of jeans and shoes with a cardigan you look instantly fancy. That’s why you’ll get the perfect balance that business casual gives us, with a pair of denim jeans + a fancy cardigan.


Accessories and shoes play a big role as well, we recommend always going simple and minimal to complement your casual jeans and make them more professional. Go for simple necklaces, not too high and neutral tone shoes, light makeup, simple and small earrings. 

Now that you have an idea of what you can wear with casual denim jeans to make them into a business casual outfit, let’s talk jeans!

At  CYSM we are experts on enhancing your best assets and we want you to show confidence at these types of occasions, with these butt enhancing jeans you’ll get instant silhouette redefining results, paired with a comfy lightweight feel and perfect fit. This are some of the features you can enjoy with our push-up jeans collection:

  • Hips and thighs molding
  • Butt lifting effect
  • Bidirectional stretch
  • High rise waistband
  • Flattens Abdomen

At last, we’ve put a list of our top but lifting jeans perfect to style them into a business casual occasion, for you to get the perfect jeans business casual look:  

2021 STYLE

2017 STYLE

2037 STYLE

2036 STYLE

2024 STYLE

Remember that less in more, considering these easy tips on how to make a casual jean into a business casual outfit you'll be ready to not only look elegant and fresh, but comfortable and super smooth, make the most of our jeans enjoying its amazing push up benefits!
September 21, 2020

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