This blog is dedicated to all our new moms, entering a beautiful chapter of life. And we know giving birth is no easy thing, but once you’ve got through pregnancy and now its time to focus on the new family member, your baby! You’ll probably spend a lot of time on comfy clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your body extra support. 

It’s no surprise that your body has gone through drastic changes in the past months, and believe me, the postpartum period is not different, and that’s when our postpartum body shapewear comes to the rescue. 

Postpartum shapewear is recommended to use right after giving birth cause they provide stabilization of the pelvic floor, helps the organs to go back to their original condition, helps improve and support your movements, help your body and muscles heal, and as a secondary benefit giving your abdominal area compression and with the right shapewear that helps improve perspiration, it will give you amazing weight loss results.

At cysm we are totally focused on giving you the best postpartum experience, meet the benefits that come with wearing one of our cysm postpartum fajas:

  • Reduces pain and risks associated with a cesarean section for a more satisfactory postpartum recovery 
  • Open bust garment designed perfectly for easy access to breastfeed
  • Soft skin touch and super stretch fabric for a full range of movement
  • With a thermal layer design to stimulate targeted fat loss, suitable only for natural childbirth nor for cesarean section
  • Targeted compression and support to adjust the abdominal area. 

What’s the main goal of postpartum shapewear? 

CYSM postpartum girdles will help you recover your figure, its main goal is to adjust the abdominal area after childbirth, the compression focused on the abdomen will help speed up the recovery process, reduce the appearance of flaccidity, and the biotechnology on our fabric will help regain elasticity, youth, and beauty to your skin! 

CYSM TECHNOLOGY Developed For Your Health

CYSM medical shapers are designed to help you in your recovery process and relieve pain caused by surgical interventions or non-invasive procedures. The medical-grade compression and microcapsules incorporated into our exclusive fabric will provide the comfort you need for a healthier and more satisfying recovery journey.

There are plenty of shapewear pieces you can wear post-pregnancy that will help your health and also help you gain confidence on your journey through motherhood, here are our best selling postpartum shapewear pieces: 

436 - Tummy Control Body Shaper

The best seller postpartum girdle, perfect for after natural childbirth or cesarean section, this body shaper is seamless across the belly button so it won’t rub. And, with a lace finish to prevent roll-ups.

385 - Thermal Body Shaper

Postpartum body shaper with upper back support, open bust designed perfectly for breastfeeding and make it easy for you. Perfect for post-natural childbirth, its latex layer is NOT suitable for cesarean section. 

259 - Legs and Tummy Control Shaper

Suitable for restoring the correct position of organs, muscles, and pelvis after childbirth. With removable straps for strapless wear and make it part of your everyday basis. 


Great for full-body support, comfort while applying high compression to your body, helping your body heal properly. Plus, if you are looking to reshape your figure and lose weight this shaper is a great option because of its thermal action. 


Get the hourglasss figure you've always wanted! This ultra compressive waist cincher is an all in one cincher with thermal compression and adjustable straps that will keep you comfortable and well supported. This is a costumer favorite cincher that will change your life.

Whether you want a bodysuit to wear under a sleek dress or a pair of tummy control to give your back and muscles post-partum support, there are plenty of shapewear pieces to suit your post-pregnancy needs, check out our postpartum shapewear here, and if you want more information on our health-focused compression garments click here! 

April 19, 2021
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