Following the trends of the year, shapewear pieces and body compression have been one of 2020’s hottest buys of the year, and why not? Finally, we are giving shapewear the recognition it deserves! 

The unexpected lifestyle change we all got this year made all of us change our priorities, which means investing in our health, fitness, and all related accessories, and guess what, that means shapewear. 

While not only us as a brand have seen this amazing tend to wear shapewear constantly go higher, we’ve seen it become more of a fashion cultural thing. And in some specific shapewear styles, there were some that were trending for the whole year!

We’ll show you which products change the fashion and health industry, take notes and don’t miss the chance of getting one of these products on your wishlist, cause girl, it’s a must to have them and a life changing hack, believe me. 

Let’s begin… 

Best Bodysuits

The bodysuit start trending earlier this year, with trendy casual and fancy outfits requiring a minimal and body compressive bodysuit to be the base of every outfit, we saw how every fashion icon wore a body con for every type of occasion, that’s why we have to have it at the top of our list. 

Whether it is body apparel or a compression bodysuit this garment will help you pull off every outfit, wear it underneath your everyday workpieces or even help you shape and support your body while been on a weight loss journey, we make a top 3 of our best selling bodysuits:

1. Butt Lifting Slimming Body Shaper

2.Thermal Abdomen Focused Body Shaper

3. Strapless Ultra Compression Body Shaper

Best Waist-Trainers

With the increase of everyone investing in health, fitness, diets, and fitness-related accessories our amazing back support, tummy control, and waist trainer cinches came to action! This year has been all about becoming a much better and healthier version of ourselves, and having a waist trainer that will help you get the body results you need or even feel much comfortable and healthier after long hours of sitting while working at home it’s what all of us been needing.

We share with you our top 3 customer favorite waist trainers of the year, all of these cinchers are comfortable, instantly body shaping, and the best fitness support accessory you can have:

1. Sport Thermal Waist Cincher

2. Compression Latex Waist Cincher

3. Slimming Thermal Waist Cincher

Best Shorts

Shapewear nowadays it’s all about targeted compression, and this is what shaper shorts do for you. This year we’ve seen our shaper shorts to become the daily companion of our beautiful shapewear community, because of how comfortable they are, it’s loungewear effect in a word where loungewear/athleisure is all we’ve worn for the past months! 

Our seamless shaper shorts are the perfect daily companion, and they’ve become this year every women most have, cause they don’t even feel like shapewear and you can use them as regular biker shorts! Here’s our top 3:

1.  Abdomen Contouring Capri

2. Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts

3. Strapless Thermal Full Body Shaper


Post partum and postpartum girdles are one of the most popular items of the year, made to make your journey as a mom much easier, get your old silhouette back, or even better than you had it before. Shapewear is a big part of pregnancy, and to get the piece that will not only have the right support and compression for you but also provides skincare benefits. Here are our top 3 medical body shapers:

1. Pregnancy Support Bodysuit

2. Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper

3. Legs and Tummy Control Full Body Shaper


When spending long hours working, being in the same position, having a bad posture, or working out without muscle support, could be a factor that is not health benefits, that’s when back support shapewear comes to action. Having a compression garment that supports your back, corrects your posture, it’s a must-have nowadays. 

1. Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher

2. Ultra Compression Corset

3. Adjustable Surgical Bra With Removable Band

This is what you need to know about what’s been top trending on the shapewear industry around the world, get the shaper piece that fits the most with you and remember to start adding everything to your wishlist, cause the Holiday Sales are just around the corner add add add everything that catches your eye and remember to #ShapeYourLife

November 2, 2020
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