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7 Reasons Why We Should Celebrate Women’s Day Every Day

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Can you imagine a life without your mother, sister, best friend or wife?!!! Even the thought of it feels horrible right? Life would just not be as colorful without the presence of these special women, that in any form or way helps us to grow and flourish to the person we are today.

International Women’s day 2020 campaign theme is #Eachforequal to let people know that an equal world is an enabled world. This year it’s all about challenging stereotypes, fight bias, broadening perceptions, improving situations and celebrating women’s achievements.

And with Women’s day around the corner, a day celebrating awareness about the struggles that modern women go through and to honor their achievements, we want you to know that we celebrate you today and every day! Why? Because you are you, and that’s wonderful. We can go on and on about the things that make us women so powerful, but for starters, we’ve list 10:

1. Women are Hard Workers

With a million and one responsibility we work day and night if we have to without complaining, it could be to follow your dreams or to help someone you love accomplish theirs, we will work for what we love.

2. Women Love Unconditionally

Our love for our family or friends that feel like family stays for a lifetime, no matter the circumstances. A woman will always do everything to make the one she loves happy, and love with truthfulness. Appreciate the women in your life that love you unconditionally and love them back as they deserve!

3. Women are empowering

We are powerful, intelligent and still, we think we don’t work as much as we would like. Women run our homes and still manage time to run companies. We know what we are doing, we are great at managing time, we come up with ideas that stand out and we are confident about what we are doing. Celebrate that Boss attitude inside you and enhance it!  

4. Women multitask like beasts

We don’t need to show off our skills to everyone, but we balance our life and manage to do multiple things at the same time, to be present and make everything in our lives work as we want them to work.

5. Women are beautiful

We are all so different that beauty has become something personal. We shall always love ourselves and be confident of who we are inside and out. You are beautiful, don’t compare yourself, you are you and that is all you need.

6. Women are Strong

We are precious and gentle on the outside, but we are made from steel. Only we can go through the toughest situations in life and come out of them even stronger. Learn from the process you have the power to become a better you every day.  

7. Women support women

Nowadays there’s no such thing as “women hate women” we are here to lift each other and help a sister in need. Women at CYSM want to make women around the world feel and look their best every day, and we are here for you whenever you need us.

There are a million more reasons why we should celebrate women every day and how our strength cannot be compared to anyone. We want all women to acknowledge who they are and embrace their abilities, we want to achieve gender equality, empower all women and girls to succeed in what they love the most, we want you to be you!

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