CYSM it’s a no brainer when it comes to body control, why? This original Colombian compression garments brand has more than 35 years of experience, with approval of medical experts around the world, and to be honest, it changes your figure from 0 to 100, while keeping you cool and super comfy, that’s why I am in love this shapewear brand. I could be using a high compression level and feel like I wasn’t even wearing a shaper, pretty awesome. 

& Talking attitude, adding a piece of the shaper to your everyday outfits it’s a happiness boost! Yep, I’m not even exaggerating, it’s like a recharge of energy. The confidence and empowerment you get from feeling all pulled together with your outfit it’s the perfect way to live your everyday life. It’s the way shapewear helps you feel more comfortable with your body that makes you never go back to not adding a body shaper to your day. 

And you might be thinking how can you add shapewear to every outfit or every occasion without getting tired, we’ll there’s a shaper for every mood and occasion, and that’s why we are here for. I’ll be giving you the perfect examples of shaper that I add to my outfits thru the week!

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Ok, for me Monday it’s a day where I want to look all pulled together and professional for work, but at the same time feel comfortable to start the week with a good mood feeling cool with what I have going on. Plus I usually go grocery shopping and do errands. So for this day between working and running errands I live for a Butt Lifting Slimming Bodysuit

This bodysuit it’s made with premium quality materials, with ultra control which means it will create curves you didn’t know you had and of course flatten the uncomfortable rolls that we all have. Another feature I love about this bodysuit it’s it posture support, it helps me go true my day without feeling tired and makes me look more stylized because of its posture correction effect. 

I normally match this garment with high waisted wide-cut pants, a cute blouse, and sneakers, if I’m feeling extra I’ll put a blazer on and you got yourself a Monday outfit!


It is well known that Tuesday it’s the most productive day of the week since 1987! And I have to accept now that I think about it, for me it is! I have my morning fitness class that day, where we have our first compression garment of the day, the Workout Sweat Enhancing Waistband is a must if you are looking for better and faster results!

This waistband with thermal technology will not only make me sweat x3 times more than usual, it will support my posture and muscles making me have a better performance. It’s targeted compression, it's helping me slim my tummy and waist incredibly, believe me, you’ll start seeing results in weeks!

For the rest of the day I like to pull up a basic t-shirt with jeans or a maxi skirt, depends on the mood obviously, a pair of boots and my Seamless Abdomen Contouring Capri it just makes me feel more confident and because of its seamless fabric I often forget I have it on, it’s one of the top choices and favorites.


Half of the week and we have to keep ourselves motivated and full of energy to keep going, that is why I love using waist trainers. They just make us feel so stylized, pulled together, and if you wear them often you’ll be shaping a natural hourglass figure. 

When it comes to waist training I have two favorites: the Ultra Compressive Waist Cincher for when I need a little more motivation and want to work on my back, I love how much my backrests when I wear it, it’s amazing. 

And, for the days where I want to look super cinched, but looking for something comfortable I love this new waist trainer CYSM just launched this year. The Compression Latex Waist Cincher has lightweight fabric perfect for long hours wear, and thermal action to push calorie burning.


A pretty neutral day of the week, that’s why I like to boost my energy with a big attitude push, because hey! The weekend it’s almost here, so I like to do what I call the system’s perfect match, which is a pair of CYSM Push-Up Jeans and tummy control and booty enhancement shaper! 

The 2029 Style it’s my favorite for the summer because of its light tone it keeps me fresh, through the hot days plus it makes the bottom of my body like never before. 

And, for shapewear the Slimming Strapless Thermal Body Shaper will not only flatten your tummy and smoothly slim your figure, and enhance your butt, which will give it an extra lift and rounder look when matching it with the push-up jeans.


And the weekend starts. Usually, we use this as a more casual day, that’s why the Ultra Flex Firm Abdomen Control Body Shaper does the work that I need, and because of it’s casual cami design I even use it as a clothing piece, add leather or denim jacket and you are ready to go! 

This body shaper has multiple benefits such as posture correction, beast and gluteus lift, and abdomen control very complete, plus its ultra-flex technology allows you to feel comfortable because of its lightweight and unrestricted range of motion fabric. Create desired curves instantly and comfortably! You’ll fall in love with it. 


A glam or die day of the week, personally. Because Saturdays are well known for having a social gathering or just wanting to look extra beautiful I love wearing a full-body shaper that will totally transform my figure. And big summer/autumn trend it’s the maxi fluffy dresses, which makes full-body control the perfect fit for the weekend. 

Try incorporating the Curve Enhancing Full Body Shaper to the outfit! You’ll be surprised by how much slimmer you look once you put it on. It is a full package compression and body-enhancing garment, with premium shapewear that applies ultra compression at the same time it takes care of your skin and comfort. 


Let’s look good, trendy but effortless this day. I believe Sunday it’s a super chill day to enjoy with the company of family and friends. That’s why a comfortable but perfect for every outfit and occasion shapewear is what we need for the day. 

The Abdomen Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts is the pick of the day! It will contour a smooth silhouette plus being super comfortable. What I recommend is wearing this shaper shorts as actual shorts, complement the outfit with an oversized t-shirt, boots, or sneakers and you have a great sporty but urban outfit to enjoy the day comfortably.

Now you got the full picture of how cool and refreshing it feels incorporating shapewear to every day of your week. Believe me, once you start doing this you will never go back to not wearing a compression garment, cause girl sometimes it even works like underwear so why not wear a shaper instead. 
Hope these tricks and ways of using different shaper pieces were useful and made sense, start doing what makes you feel powerful and beautiful, you do you!
August 10, 2020

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