The craziest and yet best time to shop is finally here, what we’ve been wanting for the whole year. Shopping Season! Weather is gifts for your family and loved ones, tv deals or treats for yourself.

CYSM Shapers has the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. The best part of it, you don’t have to leave your house, we’ll be having our best promos on the official website!

And I know sometimes we get a little blindsided with all of these black Friday ads. That’s why I’ve put up a perfect Shopping Guide so you can get the most of these amazing shapewear deals and survive the madness that comes with holiday shopping buying at the lowest price possible and the best price match.
Let’s get started!

First, When Is Black Friday?

Black Friday deals officially start on Nov. 29, but in the CYSM sale will be active on its online site from Nov. 25th - 30th, so don’t miss their social media posts, and get ready to be shopping online for those days!

How Do I Score the Best Deals?

With so many garments to choose at the best prices selling fast, we suggest saving your favorite shaper to your shopping cart or if you are on our Facebook and Insta Shop add them to your wishlist, so you can keep your favorite items all in one place. Then, when you’re ready to purchase, add them to your car, and boom! The magic’s done.

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What deals can you expect from our brand?

You read it here first! Starting November 15th to the 30th we’ll be having our exclusive Black Friday BOGO sale, where all the website will be al 50% off when buying a second garment! That’s Exciting, plus an exclusive Cyber Monday sale on Monday November 29th!

Ok, knowing all the basics on how to make the most of our black Friday sale and cyber Monday great deals, we want to give you a shopping guide to find the best shaper for you, with our top trending products which are our customer’s top choice.

Let’s start shopping…

Our top trending collection of the moment, Seamless garment have played a big role this year, because they fit perfectly, mold your body and it’s amazing targeted compression, plus its lightweight super comfy fabric that makes us forget you are wearing a compression girdle on the first place! 

If you are a bodysuit kind of gal, I totally recommend it, this will remain invisible under any outfit and it’s just perfect for every occasion.

If you like me are feeling cold most of the time during this season of the year and tend to layer at the point to look super big and uncomfortable, I got the solution for you.  

Wear a Lightweight Thermal Body Shaper as the base of any outfit this season! A breathable remodeling garment that has a second-skin fit will give you the freedom to skip the layers that are meant to camouflage your body’s problem areas. This extra touch of silhouette-control will also encourage you to go for bolder layering pieces, like cashmere sweaters, tissue-thin long-sleeve tops, or knit sweater-dresses. 

See more of our Thermal Compression Garments, Click Here and get Yours!

With all of us taking more care of our health and incorporating a healthier lifestyle most of us have been seeing amazing body results, and sometimes we need that sports garment that will give us that extra push, and even help our workout performance.  

Thermal compression body shapers are the perfect complaint to a weight-loss journey because of its thermal layer that will give us that amazing result we are looking for. 

Go to our famous cincher collection and get the one that fits the most with you! Click here and get yours.

If you are a fan of the ultimate compression or you already started with a seamless or lightweight shaper and you already feel like you need a little bit more compression, what you need is our premium shapewear collection. Which will correct any abnormality, support medical recoveries or even trim inches instantly.

Our customer’s top choice are two of our premium garments, that will shape and correct your body instantly:

One of the most popular purposes us women look for when talking body enhancement is around lifted booty because this can be not only a base to make our outfits look better, but gives us a major boost of confidence, right?  Imagine knowing your buttocks look amazing, your legs are toned and your bottoms are curvy, yes girl I see you walking with pride! That’s why we love our bottom compression so badly. 

Fall in love with bottom compression and know-how divers these garments are, this is our top trending bottom compression body shapers:

For extra compression:

For lightweight compression & super comfort:

Hope this simple guide was helpful to help you see which shapewear could work best for your body and of course organize your holiday shopping, with this awesome back Friday and cyber Monday discount CYSM shaper will be having.

Start adding your favorite products to your wishlist and enjoy our BOGO Sale, from November 15th-30th! Happy Shopping!

November 1, 2021
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