Treat Yourself for The Holidays, you deserve this and more!
Holiday season is here! And Christmas is looking like it’s coming back to life, compared to last year. That is why this year is so special, we are celebrating life, ours and our loved ones. This year has been all about learning to live with what really matters, learn more about ourselves and also give self-care the importance it deserves, that’s why we are encouraging you to get yourself a great Christmas gift because you deserve it!

From home spa’s to the best compression garments and cute accessories, we’ve carefully chosen the best gift ideas so you can enjoy yourself no matter the budget.

There’s a gift idea for everyone. Here we present to you a list of the top 10 best Christmas gifts every woman should have and get for herself:
(And, who knows you might get some ideas to gift your mom, sister, best friend, and all the incredible women in your life you appreciate )

Remember, the earlier you start shopping the better, so you won’t feel pressure about the delivery! So first we want to start with what we know the most about: compression garments that will boost your confidence and push your health goals, let’s begin…

This is an absolute customer favorite, perfect for the hot and the colder days, why? Because of how versatile it is, you can wear it as a biker short, with your favorite hoodie, long sleeve t-shirt to stay cozy at home while feeling supported and all pulled together it is just the best.

Check the 1588 Seamless style here, and see all the benefits of its fabric, thermal technology, and seamless touch, you deserve a treat and if you are looking for something super comfy to wear around the house, this is it.

And while we are on the seamless garments, we have another must! That will make you feel empowered, sexy, and at the same time comfortable with everything you wear. It is a lifesaver for long working hours, it molds your body beautifully, it is super comfortable and invisible making it perfect for every occasion, if you are looking for a body shaper to wear on a regular basis, this is it!

Check the 1585 Seamless Hourglass Bodysuit, it gives every woman dreamed figured and without any discomfort! Plus if one of your goals for the next year is to focus on your health and body, well this is perfect for the gym and has a thermal layer as well! Shop the ideal Christmas gift for yourself, and receive it on your doorstep before Christmas.

And when talking about new year’s resolutions, I believe taking care of yourself is always a priority and even more so for skin. The cysm body absorbent gel is the perfect match for every shaper, it will help you achieve your goals and get better results, plus because it’s active.

Check the 3014 Absorbent Gel, and make it part of your skincare routine, just like your face, you’ll start seeing amazing body results with this amazing product, treat yourself with some skincare.

Every woman dreams of an hourglass figure, that will make our bodies look slimmer, feminine, and delicate, but what most of us women don’t know is that waste can be trained! Even if you already have a sculpted figure you can keep molding your silhouette or if you don’t with the right diet and waist cincher you can totally achieve that. 

Check the 1320 Latex Comfort, an amazing gift not only for you, but you can get this to one of your friends, sister, or whoever you want to send some love for the holidays, it is awesome to wear a couple of hours a day and train our body to a slimmer waist, plus if you work for long hours it helps you correct your posture, avoiding back pain by the end of your shit, it’s just amazing, something I have on my wishlist already! 

Get yourself amazing body contouring results! Fall in love with this super effective and comfortable latex cincher. 

And lastly but not least, another customer favorite to support your upper body, with high control, orthopedic, back support, postpartum, and daily use features! It is an amazing corset that will give you the back support all of us need, and most importantly you’ll feel rested by the end of the day.

Check the 1338 Corset, for a life hack and amazing back resting experience, it is a total must if you suffer from back pain, and even if you don’t we all should take care of our bodies health, gift yourself a corset that will keep you rested and feeling super energized, get our customers top choice corset as a Christmas gift!

Ok, we know not everything in life is a compression shaper but you guys know that’s our forte, so we wanted to let you know what must-haves and for us are amazing gift ideas.

If you are feeling extra generous and are on a holiday shopping spree! That’s the attitude, we have so much more ideas all of us women need for self-care and be showing some self-love, let’s see more gift ideas:

These slippers are super comfy, cozy, and soft you’ll not get over it plus they are super cute, making everyone look fancy. The furry fabric makes them warm perfect for the winter days, but because of the sandal style design it is great to wear it all year round also, plus they are super trendy right now.

This year we’ve been all about the comfy start, and that set a new fashion trend now being comfy on pants is cool, get yourself sexy loungewear set to feel beautiful in confident at all times, perfect to wear it for Christmas morning while having some breakfast with the family, you’ll never regret shopping loungewear set for yourself.

Get a gift that takes care of your beautiful face, nothing like having the confidence of great glowy skin. Gift yourself clean glowy skin with a skincare package you can find this type of gift package in almost every retail store with beauty products and even on your favorite online stores, especially now on the holidays!

Transform your space into cozy, relaxing heaven, treat yourself with scents that help you feel much calmer, inspire you, and make your space feel more like home. You’ll fall in love with the cozy vibe you’ll get, plus will have amazing and relaxing spa days.

Treat yourself for the holidays, it is as important or even more than showing/gifting some love to your family! You go first, always. And if you had no idea of what to get for yourself, or what you should get to treat yourself we hope we’ve made that decision a little easier. And also, if you have any ideas for the important women in your life, well that’s awesome now you are ready to go holiday shopping without a doubt!
Enjoy the holidays surrounded by your loved ones, enjoy their company and these wonderful times of the year, happy holidays! - With love, CYSM Team

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December 6, 2021

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